You Need These YouTube Channels for Your Homeschool

by Kimberley McGee
How to homeschool with YouTube as your wingman.

YouTube for homeschool is not only helpful, it is fun! The kids get stuck on a math issue or want to know more about how volcanoes form, we turn to YouTube. But, there’s so much amazing educational info on there, it can be overwhelming. And the user-face for Roku is terrible. I’ve jotted down our favorites on sticky notes and put them up on the TV for easy reference by me or the tall, quiet guy who has no patience for the search button. 

I get asked quite a lot how we homeschool. No matter what curriculum we’ve used, either workbooks or a full online homeschool program, we back up our schooling with videos. Here is my go-to list for expanding our educational endeavors with YouTube. It’s pretty STEAM-heavy. We also like Science Mom, a local teacher who makse new videos each Wednesday you’ll look forward to! 

YouTube is a wealth of resources for homeschooling.

Crash Course 

Longtime homeschoolers have relied on this popular educational channel that covers mythology, chemistry, biology, ecology and even politics in a civic-minded way.


We always struggle with getting good science info into our homeschool. It’s a subject we all enjoy but the projects can feel overwhelming with all the other stuff happening in our busy homeschool life. This channel breaks the projects down and explains them easily so we’re not left with a table full of science experiments in mid-completion.

Kids Learning Tube

 Music and animation make this ideal for kids who need a break from all that staid studying. The age-appropriate videos range from littles to middle-school and center on math, science and geography.

Life Noggin

This gets the whole family sucked in. It takes ideas and turns them on their head. We put this on when we’re making dinner or just winding down for the day. The big guy and I used to watch the news and talk about our day. This is much more fun and entertaining! 

National Geographic Kids 

We pair this with the National Geographic channel on Disney Plus. Kids learn about the planet, animals, travel and more that open their eyes to the beauty of the world, from people to hippopotamus.

PBS Space Time – My son found this when we cut the cord on cable that one time. It’s been a favorite since he was little and now my 10-year-old budding astronomer continues to check into it.It gets into astrophysics, sci-fi and all things about the big blue marble, Earth. Actual astrophysicists run the show so it’s full of good info from passionate professionals.

StoryBots & Friends

The twins loved, and continue to tune in on occasion, the Ask the Story Bots series on Netflix. This is a companion with learning music videos about everything from emotions to dinosaurs.


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