Career Path for Teens – Aviation

by Kimberley McGee
Aviation is a lucrative industry for teens who are considering becoming pilots or work in engineering or mechanics.
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As part of our ongoing Teen Tuesday education and career series, I reach out to local professionals and ask them to share insights and tips to help kids who plan to work in that field or industry.

Certified flight instructor Paul Sallach is the Founder & President of All In Aviation, a Cirrus Aircraft Platinum Training Center and full-service aviation company offering flight training, pilot certifications, and aircraft rental, sales, management & storage. They generously offered a tour of their aircraft and training center for budding pilots in our homeschool group recently.

He shared the benefits of and requirements to becoming a certified pilot as well as the education path someone interested in this industry should take. There currently is, and will continue to be, a real need for commercial pilots as there is a large percentage aging into retirement. The commercial pilot forced retirement age is 65. If you have questions about working in the aviation field, let us know and we’ll get you the info!

Benefits of Becoming a Pilot

Becoming a pilot is a wonderful career path, and one that will afford you the ability to travel and work anywhere in the world. As a pilot, you enjoy the freedom of going where you want, whenever you want, and have the potential to earn up to $250,000 per year!

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There are a variety of ways to become a pilot. You can begin taking flight lessons at the age of 16, and are eligible to earn your license at 17. The FAA requires a minimum of 40 hours of flight time to become a pilot. On average, most pilots accrue around 65 hours before getting their certification. Career-oriented training programs require daily attendance and a commitment to progress onto commercial certification.


Our approach is to utilize the safest, most technically advanced and comfortable aircraft available in the world, and a new fleet that has amenities most people have come to expect in their automobile. To achieve your private pilot’s license at a flight school like All In Aviation, in a 2019 Cirrus SR20, the average cost would be about $25,000. However, there are a number of high schools, even here in Las Vegas, and university programs throughout the U.S. that have flight school programs offering financial assistance and scholarships.


About All in Aviation

Along with maintenance partner Lone Mountain Aviation, All In Aviation is currently developing a 26-hangar facility with offices, classroom, training rooms, pilot shop, maintenance floorspace, avionics shop, conference room and aircraft storage which is set to open in early 2020. For additional information call 702-ALL-IN22 (702-255-4622) or visit Follow All In Aviation’s social media on Facebook at @AllInAviation and Instagram @AllInAviation.


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