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Vegas Kids Zone Resource Fair! 

When: Jan. 22, 11 a.m.-2 p.m.

Where: Centennial Hills YMCA

The #FREE event is ideal for those new to homeschooling as well as seasoned families looking for area opportunities. #SeeYouOutThere!

Vendors can
sign up for a space starting at $25 (tables and chairs included).


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Welcome to Vegas Kids Zone!   

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Vegas Kids Zone delves into Nevada homeschooling opportunities, informs parents of the CCSD homeschool opportunities with local charters and changes to laws and how to homeschool in Nevada. The Nevada Homeschool $5000 didn’t get passed so homeschooling in Las Vegas means there are no state funds available for students, which also means that the state doesn’t get involved in how you school. Homeschooling in Las Vegas is a simple process once you’ve put in your Notice of Intent (only needed for kids aged 7 and above who have NOT attended or been enrolled in public school but IS needed if you have enrolled a child in public school). A sample educational plan for homeschool in Nevada needs to be submitted with the NOI. There are also many free online homeschool programs to get started! 


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Our mission is to share the latest curriculum, real-life experience from homeschool families, valley-wide education and social events and offer support for education enrichment for homeschool families around the world. 

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