Volunteering Opportunities 2020

by Kimberley McGee
volunteering in las vegas

Volunteering is more important than ever. There are many local businesses that are in need of volunteers to help pass out food, collect items, feed and play with cats and dogs and so much more. I’ll continue to add to this list.

Volunteering is great for kids to learn empathy, civics, prepare for future job interviews and more. It can be an opportunity to hone skills, work with organizations, prepare for interviews and gain confidence and skills. And don’t forget to support local businesses this holiday season! I have a growing list of unique gifts at a discount from local artists and businesses. Seriously, there’s some cool stuff in the holiday gift guide!

Volunteer Tracker & Preparation Kit

Volunteering can help prepare kids and teens to work in a field they are considering. It can also help them realize their strengths and weaknesses.  When volunteering, be prepared to answer questions. Organizations want to know about why you want to volunteer with this particular organization and what you can offer. Get 50% off through Nov. 27 with coupon code BF50.

volunteer hours kit

Volunteering Opportunities

The Compassionate Initiative

They have been helping families with everything from food and toys to basic toiletries and supplies. She is currently looking for volunteers to help with a large distribution of Christmas trees that have been donated by a national box retailer. They have four sites confirmed. All team members must be willing to dress in holiday spirited clothing. Everyone must wear a mask whether giving or receiving. Team members will be assisting with distribution as well as sanitizing hands. Contact Trudy, 702-236-1645.

Vegas Masketeers

Donating masks to homeless and those in need.


They create Golden Knight gifts and ways to help families who can’t afford to get to a hockey game. They have games and contests to win prizes and they collaborate with local charities and schools to assist in their goals of fundraising. They also assist local businesses by promoting their services and products.

Volunteer Match

Not sure what you want to do? Volunteer Match will help you find local charities based on your interests, location and more.

500 Projects of Love

Inspiring and empowering others to help make an impact in the homeless community.

Project 150

They provide support and services to homeless, displaced, and disadvantaged high school students so they can remain in school, graduate, and build bright futures. They are in need of all the basics and then some!

The Just One Project

They run one of the largest mobile food pantry in Nevada! They have many ways they help the community and opportunities for volunteering.

Street Dogz

They help combat pet hunger & homelessness and are always in need of supplies and food.


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