Treasure Hunts at Home

by Kimberley McGee
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The kids are climbing the walls, and me, so I came up with a few ways to do treasure hunts at home and around the neighborhood.

We came up with a few classics and some new treasure hunt ideas to make the smallest of spaces open up with wonder and imagination.I only had to do these games a few times before the kids decided they could do it better themselves! Sweet relief, an hour to myself. 

It’s another way we use games to hone our math, critical thinking, reading and sharing skills in our homeschool. Gameschooling is taking off as more parents realize the benefits of play for kids. 


We have a growing list of free online classes, games, events, activities and more for kids, and parents, to enjoy while we all hunker down at home. 

Treasure Hunt Ideas at Home Basics


Remember the Hot or Cold game? This is one of the classic treasure hunt ideas to play at home. Each player takes turns to hide something in a room. Or they can simply choose an item in the room that is “it.”

The other players then come into the room when the player is ready and have to search for the item. If they are close, they are “hot.” If they are far from the item, then they are “cold.” As they approach the item or area, they become “warmer” or “colder,”depending on how close or far they are from the item. 


Homeschool Gardens has a sweet Garden Bingo scavenger hunt for kids of all ages. A free printable allows for multiple players to track down garden guests, bright blooms and other common outdoor items. Great way to enjoy the gorgeous spring weather and take your homeschool outside. Laminate the free printable to keep it fresh for playing indoors or out.


Math at-home game! 


Each room is a number and they have to subtract, multiplier and divide to figure out which room has the item. Then I scramble Scrabble letters they have to unscramble to figure out the item. This makes a great gameschool activity. 


The living room is 10, each kid bedroom is 3, bathrooms are 2, our room is 4, outside is 5.



Living room – Jack’s room = ?

? x bathroom = ?

?-our room = The Answer/room (in this case it is 10, the living room)



Neighborhood Word Hunt!

We created a neighborhood treasure hunt! We came up with a word and wrote the letters on light poles along one main street in the neighborhood. We taped a paper sign-up on all the mailboxes with instructions. Like this:

Hey, Kids!

Did you know there’s a secret word somewhere in the neighborhood?

There are 8 letters on light poles on Your Name Street. Find all 8 letters and unscramble the letters to find the word! There are two hints on light poles on Another Name Street. We’ll put the answer up next Monday along with a new word hunt!

We do one each week to keep it fresh. For the first one, we used the theme of the neighborhood and posted hints on our site and on a few light poles. Morgan had the idea to use magic marker so the letters can easily be erased with a swipe of rubbing alcohol or a good multipurpose cleaner (and the HOA won’t get mad!).

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