Tips to Send Kids to Summer Camp

by Kimberley McGee
Tips on Summer Camps

So, you want to go to summer camp. Whether it’s an all-day affair or an overnighter, sending kids off to summer camp this year comes with some extra baggage. (You didn’t think I meant YOU, moms and dads?! Although the first Camp WannaMeTime that opens its cabins will be on my summer bucket list.)

The last few months have been hard, to some degree, on both parents and kids, no matter how many crafts, cookies and conversations you have created or had.

Getting out and socializing is good for the entire family. A summer camp can reenergize sagging spirits and offer a sense of normalcy and routine that has been missing. Parents who have canceled their annual summer trips or are now looking at working more than one job through the summer have reached out asking for info on summer camps.

There are many camps up and running as of next week. The CDC has updated guidelines for summer camps for kids during the coronavirus pandemic. If you aren’t sure about sending your littles or bigs off to a class, full-day or overnight camp, then here’s a few things to consider and do to make the decision a fun and safe one.

Let’s Talk about the 4-letter Word

Let’s face it. Risk in life is not a choice. There is risk in all we do. But that should give you comfort, not more anxiety. Think of all you’ve traversed! Even as I write this, I want to do some sort of finger-crossing, spitting, throw-salt ritual to ward off any risk I may be calling just by saying that out loud! As moms and dads, we often get nervous about the big scary world. The pandemic has concentrated all those invisible fears into a known fear, of something entirely invisible.

So, there’s risk no matter what we do in any situation. However, there are also ways to reduce risk. And that’s what you and your kiddos need to do this summer when planning to partake of one of the many really cool camps in and around Southern Nevada and the southwest.

Camp 101 for Coronavirus

The summer camps I have called and vetted have all talked about how they are going to maintain a clean and safe space for kids and parents to feel comfortable in. But they aren’t going over the top and making it difficult for kids to feel comfortable.

When looking at a summer camp or week-long class, ask a few questions. This will give you a better sense of the businesses’ level of awareness about what is needed by the CDC and local regulations.

  • Find out what you can expect when dropping off your child and picking up so that there are no surprises.
  • Are children expected to sit 6-feet apart and how do they intend to enforce that, if at all?
  • How are the facilities cleaned and when?
  • Is there a secure entry?
  • What is the refund policy if you prefer not to return due to new Covid-19 regulations, restrictions or info?
  • How many children are allowed in each class?
  • What is the policy if rules change and summer camps are required to close down?

There are many benefits for kids who attend summer camp. From socialization to learning new things and testing their limits, children grow in many different ways during these few months.

If you have any questions or if we can help in any way, please email or leave a comment below. Many local businesses are looking for feedback from parents as summer gets underway.

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