Tips For Making Math Fun

by Kimberley McGee
math for kids

We are always on the lookout for new ways to make math for kids more manageable and fun. We want to get them enthusiastic about their education. Stanford grad and mom of two Nicole the Math Lady, talked to us about how to get kids excited about math.

Through videos, MasterClass and Student Clubs, Nicole the Math Lady teaches the material from the Saxon Math lesson book in a style that gets kids further engaged in math.


What makes Nicole the Math Lady stand out for students? 

I’m all about bringing joy to learning math for kids.  You’ll notice that I provide a free trial for anyone on my site.  That’s because I want students and families to experience my teaching style.


While I believe a strong math foundation is super-important, I believe it’s more important to motivate and empower students that they can do anything they are willing to work for.  So I speak positivity in everything I teach. Plus I’m really good at making complicated things seem simple. 

My favorite thing is when I get an email from a mom who has just watched a video…and she says “I never fully understood that concept for the past 20 years, but I just watched your three minute video and got it!”

Nicole he Math Lady

What tips can you offer parents with kids who struggle with math? 

Step 1:  

Start with good instruction. It’s always harder for someone to unlearn something so make sure to spend a little time planning your lesson so it goes in right the first time.  That’s where I feel I can partner with and be a support to parents. 


My talent is in explaining math for kids in simple terms that everyone can understand.    


Step 2:  


Consistency of practice. There’s no way around it. The real learning takes place not in the first, second or third time a student does a certain type of problem. 


It’s often in the 10th, 11th or 12th time. It’s our job to provide them that consistent structure where the have enough practice to make those connections that are needed to be good in math. 




What tips can you offer kids who struggle with math?! 


These are actually my favorite kiddos to work with. I wish I could just spend five minutes with every kid who struggles in math to let them know they CAN DO IT!! 


What you did in the past does not determine your future.  You have the ability to learn ANYTHING! Now, there may be some work that needs to get done…some gaps that need to get filled. But if they are willing to put in the work, THEY GOT THIS!!!


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Nicole the math lady pic

Nicole the Math Lady is a longtime homeschool favorite for helping kids who struggle with math.

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