Thanksgiving Activities, Study Units and Games

by Kimberley McGee
Thanksgiving activities, crafts and study units.

Are you scrambling to find things to entertain or educate your kids for the Thanksgiving holiday? I made a list of last-minute study units and activities that are easy to follow and worth your time. It’s a busy time of year, take a break and let kids do some independent learning or use the teacher’s guides to ease up on your to-do list.

We Were There With the Mayflower Pilgrims
Homeschool On the Range

Includes a FREE activity packet.

This is a stocked study unit about the pilgrims. Take a virtual field trip to Plymoth Plantation, gratitude writing prompts, list of movies to watch to tie into the study unit, spelling words, history and more!

Homeschool on the Range has many Thanksgiving unit studies.

Thanksgiving and Kids – Learning and Playing All Season Long
Hess Unacademy

Homeschool mom Charlene Hess has a site packed with activities, resources, recipes, unit studies and more, including the very cool Floating Mayflower STEM activity. Her Thanksgiving bundle has more than 100 pages of resources for parents and activities for kids.

thanksgiving ideas for kids


Thanksgiving Memory Jar & Games 

Enjoy a fun and family-oriented Thanksgiving games and journal pages kit that will create memories and become a favorite tradition each holiday! ‘

We love games, particularly those that get us talking and laughing. I created this kit with a few of our favorites, such as a good word search and maze, and a bingo game that uses pictures so even the littlest players can join in the fun. The twins pitched in to create a holiday theme of one of our favorite visual games, Spot the Difference.

It’s been a long year, but the holidays are a time for realizing all we have and mean to each other. The Thanksgiving prompts can be used around the Thanksgiving table for family and friends to share memories of the last year or a few of their favorite things.

thanksgiving games and puzzlesThanksgiving 2020 games

History of Thanksgiving Fact Pack Bundle
The Wolfe Pack Den

If you haven’t found this homeschool gem, you are in for an extra treat this holiday season. The 100+ page Thanksgiving Fact Bundle includes:

  • Rebus
  • Posters
  • Flash cards
  • Coloring pages
  • Writing prompts
  • Crossword puzzle
  • Informational text
  • Sequencing activities

Thanksgiving activities kit

The Gift of Gratitude
Homeschool On the Range

Take time to focus on all the good that has occurred in the last year and dig out of that negative trench we seem to be stuck in. Longtime homeschool mom and author Yvie Field breaks down how to journal and lift your spirits and not be overwhelmed with writing and yet another “assignment.” This kit is relaxing and creates a time capsule of sorts of how you and your kids are feeling at this very unusual time.

YouTube Videos

Historically accurate and free unit studies on YouTube that doesn’t sugar coat the holiday.

Thanksgiving BrainPop
Smoke Signals – Why Thanksgiving is a Lie
The First Thanksgiving – What Really Happened

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