Superhero Training for Your Homeschool

by Kimberley McGee
Marvel Avengers has a free unit study for kids to learn about life, Earth and physical science.

Getting stale in your homeschool efforts? The Avengers can help! Bring the power of superheroes into your homeschool to stave off that back-to-school boredom.

Marvel Avengers S.T.A.T.I.O.N.  has a treasure trove of info so you can dive into the history, science, engineering, genetics and technology from your own home. The kind superheroes have created missions for students to help them in identifying threats to Earth. The Avengers’ Life, Physical and Earth sciences packets ask kids to help save the Earth from invading enemies and more! It’s deceptively fun, with detailed instructions to study cell structure, the solar system, elements and so much more.

Superhero training in your homeschool can stave of boredom.

Interactive and Educational Attraction

The walk-through exhibit is a multi-sensorial immersive and educational experience set within the high-tech environment of the Avengers training facility.

There are items from the original sets, including Captain America’s motorcycle, props, costumes and more that kids can play on and interact with. The interactives have special effects that bring kids into the backstory and motivation of their favorite superheroes.

The exhibit explains the science, genetics, technology and engineering that went into each superhero’s evolution. The attractoin lets kids in on exclusive intelligence files, classified studies, experiments and more. The original Iron man suit from the movie is on display as earlier versions of the suit. Thor’s hammer is on display, and we’ve heard one kid actually lifted it from its perch!

Superhero Training for Homeschool

This is one of the easiest homeschool units you can find as a busy parent. The extensive life, physical and Earth sciences packets come with a brief and easy to follow instructions for both parent and student.

Mom tip – Complete the packets before you go because each packet offers a congratulatory letter and invite to the S.T.A.T.I.O.N as a recruit.

Kids don’t have to have been to the interactive education attraction to use the student pages. The packets were designed to work in a classroom for school field trips. There are many educational activites kids can do, but this one is supercool.

Download the packets here:

Physical Science STATION Brief

Physical Science Student Pages

Earth Science STATION Brief

Earth Science Student Pages

Life Science STATION Brief

Life Science Student Pages




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