Story Pirates Have New Treasures for Kids and Parents

by Kimberley McGee
The Story Pirates have been creating new programs and opportunities for kids to use their creativity during Covid-19.
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In this season of gratitude, the Story Pirates thank the thousands of kids who submit their stories and ideas each year. How many more do Story Pirates want? As many as possible!

Kids everywhere are invited to share their wildest and weirdest story ideas at: can be ANY length: long stories, short stories, stories written as scripts, stories that are basically just one funny sentence, or ANY other kind of story that a kid comes up with.

To get the creative juices flowing, here’s the latest Story Spark for Kids: What would you like the Story Pirates to discover in the center of the earth in Season 5 of the Story Pirates Podcast? What should happen when they discover it? It can be something realistic, or you can stretch your imagination to tell us your weirdest idea of all time!

Kids and their grownups are also invited to join the fun the day after Thanksgiving for a virtual party. On Friday, Nov. 26 at 1:00 pm ET, DJ Squirm-A-Lot will appear live to smash that spacebar and host some live music, read story submissions from kids at the party, take virtual selfies, and answer questions. RSVP at .

Story Pirates Inspire Kids

Last March, I reached out to Story Pirates artistic director Lee Overtree to ask him to give a shout out to local kids who may need a pick me up this “school” year!  Overtree and the cast miss playing for kids at their active live shows. Afterall, it’s the kids that make the Story Pirates thrive onstage! He chatted with us about what kids, and parents, can do to keep those important creative juices flowing, their new podcast, album and afterschool program.

I reached out to a few bands, including local favorites The Nik Naks and Latin Grammy-award winners 123 Andres, who also shared special messages and recorded a song just for Vegas Kids Zone friends!



Parents Need Play, Too

There can be a lot of stress piling on parents right now. Don’t put a pause on play.

“Remember to play,” Overtree said. “During times like these, it can be easy for caregivers to forget that they deserve creative experiences the same way kids do. When grownups co-create with kids, and actually allow themselves the room to play along, everyone has more fun and time flows more freely.”

To get out of a funk, he suggests choosing a game that gets you moving.


“One game I like to play is called ‘the daily dance,’” he said. “At a random time of day, pick a song and just blast it. Then dance it out with your whole family for the entire length of the song. When the song’s over, turn the music off and everyone can flop down on the couch. And it doesn’t have to be kids’ music either. Pick a song you love from back in the day to introduce your kids to, like ‘Walking On Broken Glass’ by Annie Lennox!”

Story Pirates’ Booty is Bountiful


While the concerts are on hold, kids can enjoy Story Pirates albums and books. The award-winning troupe have a new album, Cats Sit on You, the Backstroke Raptor with a song featuring Lin-Manuel Miranda and Nothing is Impossible.  Story Pirates have also penned three books, Quest for the Crystal Crown, Digging Up Danger and Stuck in the Stone Age.



Since 2004, The Story Pirates have actively been partnering with parents and schools to “bring to life a broad range of academic subjects.” They bring their world-class literacy programs and performances directly to kids to harness their own passion and curiosity while learning story structure, vocabulary development, revision and, most importantly, gaining confidence in their self-expression. They recently created a Racial Equality Resource page that includes a special Story Spark. The writing prompt around a quote from Frederick Douglass is designed to spark a conversation between kids and parents.

The Story Pirates have been very busy doing their best to keep kids inspired and entertained.

“We had an incredible summer running our first ever virtual summer camp, complete with authors and illustrators from Random House Children’s Books,” he said.

That experience inspired the group to launch Story Pirates Afterschool.

“Going to school right now can be a challenge, so Story Pirates Afterschool is designed to help kids can reengage with their creativity and imaginations,” Overtree said. “Of course, we also released our third album, Cats Sit On You, and are prepping season 4 of the Story Pirates Podcast, dropping Thursday, October 8th!”

If you are homeschooling in Nevada or around the world, please let me know how I can help you and your kids make the most of your education journey! 

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