Simple Homeschool Portfolio Examples

by Kimberley McGee
Homeschool portfolio planning.
I love a well-organized homeschool portfolio. I also like the decorating and planning with highlighters, stickers. It’s a whole thing. But, who really has the time! Build on a simple homeschool portfolio as much, or as little as you like. I don’t like to waste a lot of time organizing all that info that we collect on an almost daily basis into a portfolio or record system, no matter how pretty it is. A homeschool portfolio includes the basics and works well for your family. We found three main portfolios that are the simplest to create and easiest to use. (And you can get crafty with them if that’s your thing!) Mom Tip – Don’t feel you have to include every single item. We slip in the pertinent info, such as when we hit a roadblock (for us it was division) and when and how we overcame that roadblock. I found a great tutor who I showed the portfolio to and they could see my son’s progress and where he went off track. We include when the twins have mastered a subject, detailed work such as lengthy book reports and pics of achievements outside the home. It becomes a sort of scrapbook, so think of what may be truly important a decade from now that you may want to remember.

Do you Need a Portfolio?

The purpose of a portfolio is to simply show the child’s progress, if needed, and help you stay organized as you move along your homeschool journey. No one knows your child better than you, so don’t fret over a portfolio and what is in it.   In Nevada, a portfolio isn’t needed, but it can be a help in showing your child’s abilities to tutors and teachers, and the occasional skeptical family or friend! Things to include in the portfolio:  
  • Letter of intent
  • Curriculum Used & Reviews
  • Reading Lists (our kids love to check these off!)
  • Tests
  • Grades Tutor Assessments
  • Transcripts
  • Credits (high school and/or college)
  • Instructional hours (if you are really into tracking time) Lesson Plans Hobbies & Activities
  homeschool portfolio ideas

Count on a 3-Ring Binder

Quick and simple, we just put in tabs for State info (include your NOI, shot records and other vitals), and all subjects that your child is studying. I also include Hobbies and P.E. The twins flip through it and love these two tabs the most. It inspires them to return to a sport or pick up a hobby they had dropped. (As an avid knitter, they get it from me! I always have a few projects running so when I get bored with a peruse my stash and pick up another where I left off months ago.) Keep your homeschool portfolio online and save time.

Online Saves Time

  Friends of ours have their kids create an online homeschool portfolio on their own. This is great for older kids. We tried it out for fourth grade. The twins have made individual websites on Wix that only we can see and enter info that they find is pertinent to their homeschool day. It’s like a blog and I get to see what really matters to them, what they accomplished that made them feel proud as well as what they dislike about the curriculum we’re currently using. You can also use Evernote and Seesaw online to organize all you do. This is particularly helpful if you use Time4Learning, Adventure Academy, Prodigy or other online curriculum with other methods. My son uses the free version of Trello to organize his coding ideas and taught me how to use it to organize my homeschool plans. I mostly use it to store info that I plan to try. It’s a decent online portfolio tool for homeschoolers. The paper file makes a good homeschool portfolio.

Good Ol’ Accordion File

  I reached for these because they are what I know from my days as a managing editor. Organizing three magazines and communicating with different departments electronically can be as confusing as keeping track of the twins’ progress! I have used a file for each twin, so much easier, and only include the simplest info. As we progressed through the curriculum, I found it easier to put them in a large plastic bin. This can hold the keepsakes they create, such as drawings for the science units or pages they wrote for history projects. #homeschoolinnevada #homeschooling #homeschooled #homeschoolportfolio

The Distance Schooling Planner can track your child’s progress and easily show teachers or school officials your child’s completed work and progress. This is particularly handy if you plan to switch schools or your child is graduating elementary or middle school and will attend a different school next year. The 7-page packet is free for Vegas Kids Zone subscribers through August 15, after which it can be purchased for $7.97.

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