Save Money with Grocery Deals and Recipe Ideas

by Kimberley McGee
Pairing good recipes with the best grocery deals can help you save money!

This week there are some great grocery deals! From eggs to Pantene!

Every Wednesday and Sunday, I scour the local grocery ads for the best grocery deals. I make a list and share it with some college students and moms. Thought I’d share it with you, too! 

I’ll post links to coupons as they come out throughout the week on Vegas Kids Zone. These printable coupons get snatched up quickly so print them out (twice) before they reach their limit. 

It can be confusing, but once you begin, it starts to make sense and you’ll be finding scores of deals on your own. This is just a primer for those who want to get started couponing or just want a quick rundown of local deals. If you have any questions, please leave them in the comments or email me! 

Abbreviation key:

PG – Proctor and Gamble
RMN – Retail Me Not
SS – Smart Source


Albertsons and Vons September 9 Ad Deals

Albertson’s/Vons has a dozen eggs for .25 and I am so excited. I have so many recipes that eat up eggs. Have you made a Dutch Baby pancake? It’s so easy and kids can do all the mixing of the ingredients with a fork. My go-to Dutch Baby recipe is below.

Other deals include chicken drumsticks, thighs and leg quarters for .87 a pound. I throw these on the smoker for an hour or so and we use them for dinners and lunches all week. I’ll add chicken recipes to the Vegas Kids Zone FB page. I can share to subscribers who are interested as well. And strawberries are 4/$5. Kellogg’s cereal are $1.88, but you have to buy 3. Get the coupon for $1/2 in Retail Me Not. Seltzer is $1.99 (have you noticed the store’s are out a lot?! And charging up to $4 for a 12-pack!) as is the 24 pack of 16.9 ounce waters. A gallon of Crystal Geyser water is .99.


Smith’s Ad Deals for September 9

Smith’s has some great deals this week. Boneless beef brisket for $1.99/lb in a bag. Limit 2.  I haven’t seen those prices in a while! Sear it and throw it in the oven or put it on the grill. Pair it with a chimichurri sauce and it’s the best cold-weather comfort food. Pork roast boneless sirloin is .99/lb. Kroger cheese, 6-8 ounces is 4/$5.


The buy 5 get $5 deals are good this week. Juicy Juice is .99. Use the .75/1 coupon in the Smart Source flyer that came out 8/16 and they are .24GM cereals are 1.79. Use the coupon in the Smart Source 8/16 flyer for $1.50/3 and they are $1.29. Keebler Club crackers are 1.49 with the $1/2 coupon in Retail Me Not’s flyer from 7/26. Kellogg’s Pop Tarts are $1.49 and .99 with the $1/2 in RMN 7/26. Ken’s Salad Dressing is $1.49 and .49 each with the $2/2 coupon in Smart Source 8/23. Magnum ice cream is $2.49 and there’s a coupon in Grocery Smarts for $1.25/1. Pantene is $2.99 and Proctor & Gamble has a coupon in its flyer that came out 8/30 for $1/1, which makes them $1.99. Gerber Puffs or Lil Crunchies are .99 and there’s a coupon for $2/4 in Grocery Smarts, which makes them .49.


Sprouts Ad Deals and Month’s Savings

Sprouts has a pack of 24, 16.9 ounces of water is $1.99. Whole cashews are $5.99. I try to wait for them to get to the coveted $3.99, but this is a great price for the quality of nuts at Sprouts. Yup. I make a versatile cashew dip that you can make spicy for a veggie dip or plain and spread on toasts. Just put cashews in a powerful blender with some yogurt until creamy. Add garlic and chives for savory or honey for a bagel shmear you’ll love!

Raspberries are 4/$5 for 6 ounce packages. Freeze these and pop them in a cold glass of wine for pool days, or make a yummy raspberry strudel.  Stir ‘em into yogurt or do a savory chicken dish. The chicken at Sprouts is better than the other places, in my opinion, but I tend to buy family-value packs on clearance at the chain grocery stores and fill up the freezer.

A head of cauliflower is .88/lb and red bell peppers are both .88 cents each. Rice the cauliflower and freeze it for up to 3 months. A pint of grape tomatoes is 2/$3, and those are normally $3 each. All-natural boneless beef roast rump or eye of round is $2.99 a pound. No matter how good the cut or cheap the price, my kids still won’t eat it. Made beef bourguignon and called it steak soup. No takers. Yah. I cried a little. The salmon fillets are $6.99, better than Costco prices.

Kids can whip up a beautiful Dutch baby pancake.

I use a recipe from my great grandmother that I found in a little wooden recipe box long after she passed. It’s simple and easy.

I use a cast-iron skillet (thank you, grandma) and a hot oven, 425 degrees, to get a quick rise. Mix 3 eggs with a ½ cup each of flour and milk, a tablespoon of sugar and blend until its creamy smooth. Pop it in a blender for a quick mix that is smooth in minutes. Melt as much butter as you can stand, at least 4 tablespoons, in 10-inch cast-iron skillet. If you only have a 12-inch or larger, that’s fine, it will be crispy crusted and less fluffy in the middle. But still good! Add the batter and cook for 20 minutes. Turn the oven off and let it sit for a few minutes before removing.


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