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Complete Volunteer Kit to Prepare Kids and Track Opportunities


This Volunteer Kit includes:

  • what can help them in their career goals
  • prompts to find out what type of volunteering they may be best suited for
  • a worksheet for keeping track of organizations and availability
  • a two-week timesheet to keep track of volunteer hours for college applications or other needs


This Volunteer Kit is designed to help Las Vegas kids and teens to get the most out of volunteering and be prepared. The kit can help prepare kids for a good volunteer experience. However, it can also help to prepare them to successfully handle job interviews in the future! Through October, 50% of the proceeds of this kit go to Serving Our Children. This is a longtime local father-daughter business that helps Three Square feed at-risk kids over the weekends when school is out. The rest of the proceeds go to funding goody bags for the upcoming food drive to benefit Serving Our Children.

Volunteering can help prepare kids and teens to work in a field they are considering. It can also help them realize their strengths and weaknesses.  When volunteering, be prepared to answer questions. Organizations want to know about why you want to volunteer with this particular organization and what you can offer.

What You Get and How it Helps

The interview sheet includes questions to help you realize all you can offer. Use them to practice interviewing for volunteer positions or internships. There’s also a detailed checklist of questions to ask volunteer groups you are hoping to work with. This can ensure it’s a good fit and there are no surprises when you arrive for your first day of work.

The handy volunteer tracker helps you keep track of who you have contacted, what the availability is and who has responded to your inquiries.

Not all volunteer organizations have timesheets available. This kit comes with two weeks of timesheets to track your hours for proof for future employment or volunteer opportunities as well as college applications, if needed.

Want More?!

I talk to local professionals, from actresses and marketing directors to tech gurus and lion handlers, and ask them to offer advice to teens thinking about working in that field or industry. I’m also always looking to highlight local kids and teens who are doing amazing things or contributing to the community.

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