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Las Vegas Trip Family Planner and Budget Tracker




A Las Vegas trip planner to bet on! OK, cheese alert. But, seriously, folks, I’ve planned trips in and around the Las Vegas valley since I was a teen. There is so much more to see than the inside of a casino, arcade or basic online tour must-see list.  There are many local pools, play places, tourist attractions, hiking destinations and restaurants to see each time you cruise into town. As a longtime local, I talk to professionals who offer up inside secrets and create deals so you can save some cash on your Las Vegas trip. There’s also a Summer Trip Planner and Disney Trip Planner for busy parents that you can get all 3 for $5 with discount code TRIP3! Each trip planner is designed to double as a keepsake of your vacation!
summer trip plannerDeluxe Disney Trip Planner

I included a general packing list for those stray items that get lost when I tack them onto my packing list or the kids’ lengthy list. Print out as many as you need, hand them out to family members who are joining along with the itinerary. Give them a copy of the bucket list to see who all wants to go on the same rides so you aren’t scrambling to group people together before they scatter!

Print out a few of the Daily Itineraries and hand them out to friends and family so you can all generally know where each family member will be in the entertainment capital of the world. And be ready to tear them up if need be. Enjoy the ride and take in every morsel of fun when you land in Las Vegas.

Plan your Las vegas trip to make it stress-free and memorable. Oh! And my kids and I created this anywhere road trip game! Use discount code ROADGAME to get it for $.97 and use any time you fly, drive or travel with kids who need something more to do than Minecraft. It can happen. I’ve seen it. And as long as you are in town, grab this Vegas Car Bingo game FREE, too!

What is in the Tracker:

  • Important Info Tracker (hotel info, phone and email contacts, room numbers, websites, passwords, etc.)
  • Las Vegas Countdown
  • Grocery Checklist
  • Packing checklist for the whole family
  • Meal Planner
  • Bucket List for Activities
  • Bucket List for Rides
  • To do list while in the region
  • Schedule to get there
  • Departure schedule
  • Daily Itinerary
  • Budget and Expense Tracker

Planning to ride into town in an RV? We are doing this, no aff or sponsor, and totally nervous that I might have to drive a bus on a narrow road. So I did what I do, researched the crap out of RVing. I think I can do this. If not, I have AAA. Here’s my tips to Rent and drive an RV without fear. Painful video shot by my condescending twins soon to follow. Bottomline, IMO,  so many ways to save money on your Las Vegas trip.


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