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Farmhouse Spelling Kit Grades PreK-1st


7 pages include:

  • 20 spelling words with instructions to teach children in a gentle way to learn the words
  • Coloring page to shade in the words
  • Cursive handwriting tracing sheet
  • Alphabetical order spelling word sheet
  • Answer key
  • Spelling test



This farm-themed spelling kit includes 20 spelling words and numerous ways to get reluctant little learners spelling. The 7-page kit is packed with ways for kids to practice words as well as work on critical thinking and fine motor skills. The kit includes instructions for introducing spelling words, 4 different ways to practice spelling and a test. There are coloring options for little artists, too! I’m always on the hunt for a good deal for the littles in our lives. I put this packet together to be affordable and packed with different ways to inspire early learners to use reading, spelling, fine-motor and critical thinking skills.

Use this spelling kit with the Dinosaur Number Review to cover both math, reading, vocabulary and work on tracing numbers and words.

Tips for At-Home Learning

With the difficulties with learning in general during this stressful time, even the best student can be a reluctant learner. Make learning fun by only doing a page a day. Incorporate funny farm songs before or during spelling time. Play board games with farm animals throughout the week and spell out words in their spelling list as you play. Kids learn best through play!

Spelling and reading skills help develop overall literacy. Have fun spelling with these tricks just for Pre-k kiddos! Find fun ways to include spelling words in your everyday play.

  • Bring out playdough and have the kids write the letters in the playdough with a craft stick. Or they can roll cylinders and bend them into the shape of letters.
  • Pour sand, glitter, sugar, salt or flour into a shallow pan and let them spell the words in the sensory bin.
  • Spell the words on a board or Fridge with magnetic letters on one side. On the other side across from the correctly spelled word, mix the letters up and have them correct the mixed-up letters.
  • Write the words in highlighter and have the children trace the highlighted letters. Use small candies or beads to Place over the letters.


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