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Deluxe Disney Trip Planner


Deluxe Disney trip planner includes:

Important Info Tracker (hotel info, phone and email contacts, room numbers, websites, passwords, etc.)

Disney Countdown

Grocery Checklist

Packing checklist for the whole family

Meal Planner

Bucket List for Activities

Bucket List for Rides

To do list while in the region

Schedule to get there

Departure schedule

Daily Itinerary

Budget and Expense Tracker



A Disney trip is more than a set of travel plans. There is so much to do! And not just once you’ve stepped foot in Mickey’s hometown.

Entering the magical kingdom immediately creates memories and forges bonds between family and friends who have made the trek together. But, there is much to do before, during and after a Disney trip that can be confusing, exhausting and leave you bewitched by the entire packing process.

If you are driving to Disneyland or Disney World, give the kids something to do with a Road Trip Game Kit packed with activities to keep them from asking when in the world you will actually get there. We are planning on renting an RV (gulp!) and getting in gear to get our butts into Car Story seats and roller coaster rides this summer. I’m totally nervous but we’ve been researching (my calming salve to anxiety) and found it’s more affordable, and a lot more fun, than packing up the minivan and doing the hours-long slog to Disneyland.


What This Disney Trip Planner Can Do For You

This complete Disney trip planner includes packing lists for every big and little in your tribe.  The meal planner can help you cut back on expenses and also remind you of the places you want to tuck into before you cut out of the fun park. The to-do list has multiple uses, from jotting down reminders of all there is to do before driving, flying or hoofing it into the park to what to do while in the sprawling splendor of Disneyland. Print out a few of the to-do list pages and mark them before, during and after. We also put in a side planner for places to check out in and around our hotel or Airbnb.

I included a general packing list for those stray items that get lost when I tack them onto my packing list or the kids’ lengthy list. Print out as many as you need, hand them out to family members who are joining along with the itinerary. Give them a copy of the bucket list to see who all wants to go on the same rides so you aren’t scrambling in front of the Magic Castle attempting to group people together before they scatter!

Tips to Use the Disney Trip Planner

Print out a few of the Daily Itineraries and hand them out so you can all generally know where each family member will be in the magical kingdom. And be ready to tear them up if need be. Enjoy the ride and take in every morsel of fun at the most wonderful place on Earth.

Plan your Disney trip to make it stress-free and memorable.

Getting Ready for the Trip

Kids get excited about taking the Disney trip, so use that in your favor! (Because it’s a little exciting for EVERYONE!). Prin out and place the countdown page somewhere kids can see and reach. Laminate it and let them mark down the days. Plan to use Disney shows and programs in your homeschool leading up to the big day. It can help the kids get more involved and alleviate some of that excitement that is building up.

Check out Pixar in Real Life or Wall-E’s behind the scenes and pranks on the Disney lot. I have used this laminator for years. It goes on sale occasionally and I send it out in my newsletter and put in the weekly homeschool deals I find on Amazon that we use. I’m passionate about deals!

There are many ways to expand your homeschool using Disney Plus and the hit shows. I found a few ways to use “Hamilton” in your homeschool as well as “Moana” and more. Build up to the big departure day with your homeschool and make it easier on EVERYBODY.

Disney Plus has been a surprisingly informative and educational addition to our homeschool journey. From exploring subjects such as astronomy and geography in greater detail to grabbing the twins attention and keeping them interested in a subject, there is much to find and explore on Disney Plus for the homeschool family. We pair the educational shows with worksheets we download from a few trusted sources.


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