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Creative Quarantine Halloween Activity Kit


Make this year extra special with a packed Halloween Activity Kit and Keepsake that includes:

Treasure Hunt
Costume and Halloween Pictionary or Charades
Speedy the Spider Maze
Holiday Event Tracker
Wacky Word Search
Treasure Hunt for Treats, Toys or Goody Bags


Halloween activities kit for quarantine.


Don’t be gloomy about Halloween 2020, make new traditions and create memories with games and activities to spark creativity, imagination and just plain joy.

With this 13-page activity kit, kids can enrich their vocabulary, fine motor skills, critical thinking and reading with games they can play (while you get something done or some alone time!) or the whole family can enjoy. It also includes ways to use costumes and candy to play the games, a treasure hunt with instructions on how to use it multiple ways to make the holiday season a little more special and magical. A Halloween Event Tracker keeps track of all the dates, contact and location info for events, lighted streets, Trunk-or-Treats and bucket list activities that you hope to get to this year.

While trick-or-treating may be different this year, or you decide to skip it, and all those parties, get-togethers and Halloween events may be canceled or restricted, this packed Halloween activity kit is full of ideas to make this one the kids, and you, will never forget. Halloween-themed games are a good way to reinforce reading, writing, fine motor skills and critical thinking. This kit is filled with different ways to use the activities to reinforce those vital skills.

Ideas for using the Creative Quarantine Halloween Activity Kit

  • Is your kiddo particularly close to the family pet? For the treasure hunt, you can also include pet treats with the child’s treats for a shared experience. I’ve also left some blank ones so you can create your own clues to include in the treasure hunt clues in this kit.
  • The Halloween Pictionary cards can be drawn, played as charades, or given as hints out loud, but you can’t say the actual word on the card (think the game Taboo).
  • Play the Halloween Pictionary and treasure hunt in costume to elevate the fun factor.

I’ve designed the Halloween activity kit to be printed in color or black and white (I do not like to waste ink!). The puzzles can be printed on regular paper while the treasure hunt and Pictionary/charades games might be better on card stock. Laminate the Halloween Candy Crush cards to use over and over. You don’t have to print all of the pages (again, ink saver!), or you can print them out in color and make a keepsake out of this pretty kit as a reminder of this unusual holiday season! Or you can bundle the Holiday Planner and Organization Kit and other printables and get them professionally printed. Keep the pretty pages as a keepsake to look back on this holiday season, keep track of addresses and events for next year.

Make the most of this time at home or nestled down for the upcoming winter months. I’ll have more printables to help families get through the holiday season with extra cheer and family fun!


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