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Complete Homeschool Mom Planner


A good homeschool mom planner is versatile and easy to adapt to any of your needs.


As a working homeschool mom, I love a good planner. But I can’t find one that can hold all the little things, and big goals, that come along as we go along in our homeschool day/week/year. I made this planner to hold all the info we need for the day as well as the week, month and future events, goals and projects. You can print out these pages as needed and keep track of all the good stuff that tends to slip through the cracks.

A good homeschool planner can help moms keep track of everything from the monthly budget to the meal planning and, of course, the classes scheduled, subjects and resources they find for their homeschool. It’s not just for homeschoolers. Distant learning has brought a whole host of planning problems to parents.  This 15-page homeschool planner includes:

Class schedule
Teacher planner
Budget tracker
Budget planner
Goal worksheets
Daily task pages
Daily planner page
Self-care tracker

Why a Homeschool Planner Helps

It can be hard to keep all those schedules, goals, ideas and resources in one place. I created this organizer to help moms keep track of everything from class schedules, online resources, meal planning, daily tasks and a little self-care because you need to! A good homeschool mom planner makes the days more organized and the goals easier to achieve.

With all you do to plan the homeschool day, keep track of activities, online courses, future classes that the kids are interested in and run the household, a simple planner isn’t enough and a too detailed planner is overwhelming. This planner puts everything in one place. The meal planner and grocery list keep that daily duty in sweet order.


Mom tip – Have the kids fill out their school schedule and help with the meal planning and grocery list. I place the meal planning/grocery list sheet in the kitchen and ask them to write something down as I think about it. Kids may take more pleasure in eating those veggies if they plan the meal and put it on the grocery list (or at least I’ve been told!).


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