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Coffee Coloring Pages & Puzzles


Coloring pages with games is ideal for coffee lovers to relax, refocus and recharge!

Here is a sampling of what is included in the packet. Coloring pages for coffee lovers


Self-care has become even more important than ever. Busy homeschool moms need a minute to themselves with a cuppa and a coloring book. This 9-page coffee-themed coloring book with pages and puzzles can offer some respite and calm in a day full of chaos at home! Unplug from technology to promote creativity, relaxation and mindfulness!

Coloring provides quite a few benefits. Stress and anxiety levels are lowered, your mind is relieved by entering a meditative state, negative thoughts are pushed to the side as you sweep colors over the pretty pages. Taking time for yourself with a few minutes or a good hour of coloring can help you to focus on the present and achieve mindfulness. It’s also a great activity to share with kids, as they get the same benefits.

The 9-page packet is portable. Take it to P.E., ballet, voice or other homeschool classes at the YMCA or to the park while the kids play. The pages feature intricate patterns that playfully fill fancy coffee cups, iconic to-go containers and comfy mugs in different shapes and sizes. Included with this coloring page packet is a word search and maze with solutions.

The pages are ideal for coffee lovers as well as kids of all ages to share in the experience with mom or dad. Spend a quiet afternoon together with some music and fresh markers or neatly sharpened array of colored pencils.

The days may blend together and there are more chances to chill as the pandemic grinds on around the world. But that doesn’t mean homeschool moms are taking time to care for themselves. Make sure to grab some time for yourself every day to recenter and refocus.


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