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Car Bingo for Las Vegas


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Las Vegas is a unique city. It’s grown so big, it can take 45 minutes to get to the Lion Habitat, Red Rock, Hoover Dam or free attraction from your home. Give kids a little something to do, and some humor to, with Car Bingo designed just for this constantly changing city! Road games make the drive a dream instead of a neverending backseat brawl, or so I’ve heard.


Laminate the pages to play anytime you know you’ll be stuck in the car. Kids can play who gets the most squares covered first or play a long game and keep their squares marked off with a dry erase marker and see who can be the first to cover their entire boards!


Taking kids on a trek beyond the city limits? The Road Trip Games packet is filled with fun stuff for littles and bigs to make the most from their carseat view. It’s also good for lengthy RV trips and other cross country journeys.


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