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Can You Spot the Difference Thanksgiving Game

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This downloadable spot the difference Thanksgiving Day themed packet has 5 pages of vibrant and whimsical scenes, a cover and an answer sheet. Can you find the 8 differences between each scene?

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A round of Spot the Difference with Tom Turkey and his friends can keep kids interested and, ahem, out of the way in a busy holiday season. I designed this to be fun for littles to use those critical thinking skills. The Thanksgiving Spot the Difference is also fun for parents to track down the differences between each scene on each card.


More Games and Memory Jar Prompts for Thanksgiving

I also created a Thanksgiving games kit stuffed with a few of our favorites, such as a good word search and maze, and a bingo game that uses pictures so even the littlest players can join in the fun. It’s been a long year, but the holidays are a time for realizing all we have and mean to each other. The Thanksgiving prompts can be used around the Thanksgiving table for family and friends to share memories of the last year or a few of their favorite things.

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Enjoy a fun and family-oriented Thanksgiving Day games for pre-k this holiday season!

We love games, particularly those that get us talking and laughing. I designed these spot the difference pages so even the adults can enjoy searching for the differences.

It’s been a long year, but the holidays are a time for realizing all we have and mean to each other.

Thanksgiving 2020 is going to be different. Let’s make it as memorable as possible. I’ll share ideas and the latest grocery and local deals on my Facebook page every week to help us all stretch that dollar and have a magnificent holiday season. Happy Thanksgiving!


A Game for All Seasons!

Let the kids help out around the holidays with the shopping! I put up this Grocery Game Shopping Kit after my twins were so excited to help with the holiday shopping. My son does not like writing so there are pictures to cut out and put in the grocery cart of their choice. My daughter, however, likes to make up lists for parties for her stuffies or the family and would write up lists with pictures cut from magazines of all she wanted to buy at the grocery store.


grocery deals game

Let kids help with the groceries and hone math, reading and critical thinking skills with this grocery game!


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