Outschool Classes for Homeschool

by Kimberley McGee

As we waded through all of the online options for homeschooling, we found Outschool classes as a way to ease into online schooling. It has something for each of my kid’s varied interests. From engineering with Legos to how to organize your tween bedroom, the twins were elated to find so much they could do with friends from around the world. Outschool has been an exceptionally diverse homeschool resource.

The Outschool classes are excellent for supplementing a child’s education, whether they are homeschooled or enrolled in a school. Aside from the free online curriculum we truly like, such as XtraMath, we sign up for Outschool classes almost weekly for its affordable and comprehensive courses.

We’ve taken history courses, drawing classes, math with Dungeons & Dragons. The kids and I have a good time looking over the huge selection of subjects and courses. The kids are more involved by choosing the class and we have met many friends from around the world who homeschool and share the same interests.

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How the Classes Work


It’s an interactive online “school” with a wide variety of subjects and prices. You can speak to the instructor and the other students in the class via video cameras.

The Outschool classes are held live online. The children interact with the teacher and other students “Brady Bunch” style around the perimeter of the screen with the teacher in the middle or to the side. You can choose not to have a camera or microphone as well and still be part of the class.


My kids like being able to engage with the other students and I like that they get to practice being polite. They remember to raise their hand, not interrupt the teacher or other kids. We’ve met some new friends locally who take the same types of classes.

Outschool Classes


There is everything and anything you can think of on Outschool. And if you can’t find what you are looking for, you can make a request for a class or ask an instructor if they can teach a class based on your interests.

Classes range from around $5 for a one-time class, such as drawing, star gazing or Early Americans to $495 for a six-month spelling/reading/writing course.

Teacher Access and Experience


The teachers care about the children’s learning. For instance, the twins wanted to try division. The instructor realized that they were almost there but not quite yet so she offered books and lessons on how they can get to where they needed to be. She offered a free do-over for them once they thought they were ready to retake the class.

We also found a math tutor who can work with our son on specific areas where he is struggling. This has helped with his confidence.The teachers are well prepared. We are also giving our cash directly to teachers, and we like that. Outschool performs background checks on all of the teachers. Each course is approved to make certain that it meets age appropriate guidelines that the teacher has created.

homeschool opportunities online

Outschool classes offer online live opportunities for kids to homeschool.

As a homeschooler, you can plan to meet friends you may have met at a homeschool event in one of the classrooms and strengthen bonds. We have met friends and completed engineering challenges together, learned to draw unicorns and more.

We’ve been really impressed with the quality of teachers, many of which have valuable real-world experience or a degree, or two, in their field.

Classes We’ve Taken


Most recently, we took in Art and Writing Go Hand in Hand with Van Gogh and his Starry Night with Erinn Santore, which was an excellent introduction to an historical figure paired with drawing. For gameschoolers, there are quite a few fun classes that center around games that help with math, reading and critical thinking skills.

Interactive 3-D Maps: The First People Arrive in America, with Ms. Lisa Lee that had the kids creating a 3-D map of land bridges and discussing the Ice Age. Lynnette Rozine Prock’s drawing classes are unique and tailored to the kid’s interests and we will be signing up for more from this art teacher.

My son really enjoyed Learn To Use Sketchup – a Free 3D Modeling Program with Anjel Berry and carried some of those lessons into his ongoing Mobile Game Design Level 2 Coding class with one of our fave teachers, Shawn D. We got excited about spelling with Who Wants To Be A Spelling-aire?, which was taught by Rachel Haley, B.A., M.A.Ed., Certified Educator.



Tips for Taking Online Classes


If you are considering homeschooling, Outschool classes are a good way to dip your toe into what is available and how your child handles interactive, online courses.

Check to make sure the laptop or monitor that you have has a camera. If not, we found quality cameras online for around $25 each. We also found headphones with microphones for around the same price.



We love the diversity of the Outschool classes and that there are so many to choose from every day. They are offered during traditional school hours. This is great when the kids are looking to change up their curriculum or need to focus on a core reading, math or other subject that is giving them trouble. I’ve also used it when we get stuck at home and are looking for something to do that’s different than our usual homeschool stuff.


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Vegas Kids Zone delves into Nevada homeschooling opportunities, informs parents of the CCSD homeschool opportunities with local charters and changes to laws and how to homeschool in Nevada. The Nevada Homeschool $5000 didn’t get passed so homeschooling in Las Vegas means there are no state funds available for students, which also means that the state doesn’t get involved in how you school. Homeschooling in Las Vegas is a simple process once you’ve put in your NOI (only needed for kids aged 7 and above who have not attended school but needed if you have enrolled a child in public school). A sample educational plan for homeschool in Nevada needs to be submitted with the NOI.

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