Mompreneur Minute with Yeti or Knot

by Kimberley McGee
This crocheted baby yoda

Our ongoing Mompreneur Minute series about local mom business owners delves into what it takes to realize your vision and create a successful product or business!

We love Kristen Sachs’ whimsical and cuddly crocheted items inspired by her family and friends. Sara Matteo interviewed Sachs, Owner and Creative Director at Yeti or Knot, for the Mompreneur Minute series. Sachs creates playful items, like reusable water bombs, grenades and water balloons.

“You just dip them in water, they soak it all up, then you throw,” Sachs said. “They’re so much fun. The part I love most is they’re washable. If they get dirty, just machine wash and dry.”

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When did you start the business?

I opened my Etsy store, Yeti or Knot in 2017. I make whimsical crocheted items. I have a combination of items that I’ve designed myself and products I’ve made from other designers’ patterns. My shop motto is “I like making things that make people happy.”


What was the inspiration behind the business?

Crocheting is how I spend my “me-time”. It’s been a life-long hobby, something that is both creative and relaxing for me. I am a caregiver to my husband who has a spinal cord injury, and also a parent to our 10-year old daughter, so building in some self-care time for myself is essential. 

But I am also someone who thrives on productivity. So my business is a great way for me to spend time doing something I love that’s productive, and also helps pay a couple bills each month!


What is your best seller?

My top two sellers are the F Bomb (#1) and the Chill Pill (#2). My next best seller is super kid-friendly – crocheted water balloons! They are so much fun! They’re reusable, eco-friendly, and machine washable. And they’re perfect for hot summers in Vegas.

yeti or not crochet pill

What tips can you offer someone who wants to start a business?

There’s so much info available on the Internet to help you get started! Most online selling platforms have easy-to-follow set up instructions. And social media is a great place to join groups of like-minded individuals who are willing to offer advice and answer questions for those just starting out!


What inspires you when you may feel overwhelmed or hit a rough patch?

I’ve experienced both: being overwhelmed with orders and going through periods of very slow orders. When I’m overwhelmed, taking a bit of time to get organized and jot down daily goals helps so much! That way I can work steadily through my orders plus still integrate all my other duties as a parent and caregiver. 

During slow times, I will research what is popular to try to come up with new ideas for products. Or I will revamp my current listings – take new pictures and create new keywords and descriptions to help boost sales. There’s always something that can be improved, and sometimes the smallest change can make a big difference!

senior year

Any personal anecdotes that you may want to share?

In 2018, I was able to be a guest speaker in my daughter’s fourth grade class. I talked about how I use math to establish prices (we even did a few equations together!) and discussed how I use writing to create detailed descriptions of my items. 

Since my store is online, and buyers can’t see or touch the items in person before they purchase, we talked about what kind of information is essential to include in photos and descriptions so customers can know exactly what to expect. Then we finished with a Q+A session. It was a really fun experience!

crocheted baby yoda

Also, my family is very supportive of my small business, and my husband and daughter often help me design new items. Last year, the three of us had a little contest: we each designed a cactus, then I crocheted all three and posted them on social media for our friends to vote which one was their favorite. 

My husband’s design of Siggy the Saguaro Cactus came in first place! Now all three cacti are featured in my shop (I offer them individually and as a trio), and they’ve sold very well! I’ve had buyers from all around the country purchase our little cactus family!





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