Living and Learning in Quarantine in Italy

by Kimberley McGee

The world has been deeply affected by coronavirus. Families are told to shelter in place or being told to stay at home under penalty of law.

It’s been only a few months since schools in many states within the United States have been shuttered and families have been on quarantine or lockdown. We found a bright spot in sticking close to home by reaching out to families around the world who have been on quarantine, and often under stricter circumstances. Erika DiMartino, a homeschool mom and online coach, lives with her husband and their five kids in Milan, Italy. 

The active family is looking at possibly three months of living and homeschooling under quarantine in Italy. DiMartino shared how they stay positive as they wave to friends from afar and practice social distancing. They discuss the few things that they wish that they had stocked up on and the importance of looking at meaning and the future as the world wade’s through this difficult time.

This is part of our ongoing How We Homeschool and Worldschoolers weekly series. 

Reaching Out and Staying Positive

The twins were curious about what kids under quarantine in Italy were doing a few weeks in of a lengthy time at home away from friends, social events and other typical homeschool family activities. We reached out to Erika Di Martino and her five children in Milan, Italy, about a week before we ourselves were asked to stay home to stop the spread of Covid-19 in Las Vegas. 

Quarantine and Connection

We finally connected and were able to have a lengthy chat with kids and moms meeting across the many miles to discuss fear, hope and how to entertain bored kids. We talked about what it’s like to not be able to leave your home or yard, the importance of quelling fears and talk about facts with kids. We delved into what the most difficult changes in these active and crafty kids’ daily lives have been since being placed under quarantine more than three weeks ago. 

We hope you enjoy our uncut video! It was our first Zoom interview. We learned so much from this family’s experience.

Erika Di Martino is a life coach and mom of 5 living in Milan, Italy. Follow the Di Martino family on Instagram @fantastici_cinque.

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