List of the BEST Homeschool Facebook Groups

by Kimberley McGee
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Find a specialized homeschool Facebook group and expand your skill set, circle of friends and more!


Homeschooling can be isolating. Homeschooling during a pandemic can be downright lonely. We are a very active homeschool family. The recent shutdowns and park closures have put us in a tailspin. But, reaching out to friends on Facebook has made a big difference in our day-to-day. We’ve found new curriculum, online play parties and connected with friends from around the world who share how they homeschool. There are groups for newbies, veterans, autism, only children and more. We’ll have more info about local socialization opportunities at the resource fair July 22!

Reach out to your local homeschooling community to make connections. Check out groups and co-ops and classes. Homeschoolers are not a homogeneous group. We choose this option for many varied reasons so you’ll have to identify your “why” and find people that have the same vision.

Facebook Groups are a great way to find local homeschooling families.

If you aren’t finding a group that fits, start your own. Chances are other people are looking for something similar and would love an opportunity to get involved.

You could start a club for particular interests, organize a field trip (group discounts!), offer a class in a subject, get a group together to form a co-op and offer classes and activities in a variety of areas or just get kids together once a week for social activities.

List of Specialized Homeschool Facebook Groups

Ask a Veteran Homeschool Mom – Moms are encouraged to ask questions and veterans are encouraged to share their experiences!

Life in Autismland  – A spin off from the Our Crazy Adventures in Autismland, this is a safe space to share ideas, get opinions or just vent.

Gameschooling with Gameschool AcademyGameschooling is a great way to introduce reading, math, critical thinking and more skills to your homeschool day.

Online School Mom – Help for Homeschool – Online classes for homeschool- we have providers, teachers and families all working together to maximize online learning.

Homeschooling Super Moms – Homeschooling Super Moms is a free Facebook group offering workshops, inspiration, and motivation for the homeschool journey.

Loving Homeschool – Loving Homeschool is a place for homeschoolers to get together to share support and ideas. Get to know each other and help each other out!

Printables for Homeschool Parents – Get ideas and downloads for all ages, subjects and interests.

Relaxed Homeschoolers – Support and encouragement for relaxed homeschoolers.

True North Homeschool Tribe – I had a chance to talk to the director of the online homeschool academy about the progressive curriculum.

Life Skills for Homeschool Teens – Share life skills and information for homeschooling teens.

Highly Sensitive (HSP) – Introverted Homeschoolers – A support group for highly sensitive and/or introverted homeschoolers, and others who struggle with the “too-much-ness” of homeschooling.

Lone WOLFe Homeschooling – Group for homeschoolers of only children.

Hope-full Homeschooling with NaConda the Homeschool Whisperer – A homeschool group with resources and tips for new, veteran, and on-the-fence home educators, focusing on the importance of mental health while homeschooling.

Homeschool Successfully – Perfection Not Required – Tips and encouragement for the homeschool mom from newbies and veterans.

Raising Math Superstars– Engaging, meaningful, hands-on Math activities, games, and courses for kids (mostly focused on PreK-3rd grade).


Las Vegas Valley Homeschool Groups

Las Vegas Homeschooling Support

Las Vegas Homeschooling Parents

Las Vegas Learners

North Las Vegas Homeschool Group (NLVHG)

Smart Cookies Homeschool Group

Social Homeschooling in Las Vegas and Henderson

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