Leadership Building and Distance Learning at YMCA

by Kimberley McGee
The YMCA designed a program to help distance learners.
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Working parents have a few options to help their child with distance learning and receive high-quality care during the day. The YMCA of Southern Nevada designed a program to be affordable and offer worthwhile options for families who need educational opportunities and care at different times throughout the day.

Distance Learning at YMCA

The Y Cares Educational Enrichment Program combines fun, character-building activities with an educational enrichment component. It opens tomorrow and runs through the fall semester. Distance learning has thrown a few roadblocks into the typical school day, but places like the Y are attempting to make this a positive experience as possible for kids and parents.

The overarching goal of Y Cares is to develop today’s youth into tomorrow’s leaders.

“It takes a village to raise a child,” says Erica Stegall, Association Youth and Family Director for the YMCA of Southern Nevada. “We strive to achieve this goal by collaborating with parents for the success of their child and the continued growth of this program.”

Online Classes, Character Building and Activities in a Safe Environment

The program focuses on providing children with the support and guidance they need to successfully complete their online classwork, while also providing high-quality enrichment programming.

The program is designed to remain flexible to align with and compliment all distance learning plans and following the Y’s COVID- 19 protocols.

Y Cares includes:

  • Character Academy: Encourages social and emotional development while building upon the Y’s Character Values (Honesty, Caring, Respect and Responsibility.)
  • Enrichment Centers: Y Cares is a holistic program that includes Arts, Humanities, STEM, Literacy and Physical Education.
  • Learning Centers: Caring staff provide academic support, specialized engagement and direction to complete class assignments.
  • Activity Zones: Brain breaks are important! The Y’s Basketball Gyms, Rockwall (where applicable), Youth Sports Complex, Parks, Playgrounds and so much more are available to keep children active when not engaged in learning.
  • Zoom Rooms: Quiet space will be staffed to support children participating in their scheduled distance education.

The Y also offers Preschool options and individual classes throughout the day for homeschoolers and distance learners, from ballet to voice and swim lessons. Financial assistance for any families in need. Three of the Y’s four locations will also provide free lunch to participants and all young people under the age of 18.

What: Y Cares

When: Monday – Friday, 7 AM – 6 PM

Where: Bill & Lillie Heinrich YMCA
Durango Hills YMCA
Centennial Hills YMCA
Skyview YMCA

Who: Kids 5-15

Price: Weekly rate is $150. A $30 drop-in rate is available. Sibling discount of 50% off.




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