Journaling for Kids During Quarantine

by Kimberley McGee
kids write about quarantine

Kids under coronavirus-induced isolation can feel cooped up and under a lot of pressure. So many new situations, schedules, rules. Journaling for kids can help them make sense of their feelings and all that is going on around them. Week 2 is here

Vegas Kids Zone asked local kids what they would want to talk about, what was bothering them. What would be most helpful to talk about? What did they wish their parents asked them, or stopped asking them about?

I created these free journaling for kids’ pages based on their feedback. You can print them out and collect them in a binder as a keepsake of how your kids were feeling during these strange times.

What Kids Had to Say

If they have siblings, then they may be straining to get along without that release time at school can offer. They mentioned that they felt pressure from parents to finish assignments online they don’t understand.

Kids also know when tensions are high, no matter how many wide smiles parents slap on their face through the day. Journaling for kids can get them to talk about what annoys them, and what they enjoy by staying home.

Many of the kids we talked shared how much they enjoyed being home all the time with family and their favorite new things to do at home. We will share this list in a later post as we continue to hear from Vegas kids!

journaling for kids coronavirus

Kids can share feelings and explore ideas.

Benefits of Journaling

No matter what their age, writing down feelings, even copying down favorite jokes or lyrics from songs can boost their confidence and change their attitude.

Journaling for kids can have many benefits, including:



Overall communication and persuasion skills



The world has changed, but the need for kids to learn how to communicate and share their feelings is just as important, if not more, than ever.

What Are Your Kids Sharing?

Have a question or writing prompt you want to share? Please contact us and let us know! We’ll give a shout out (if you like) on the journaling for kids page we produce for our readers every week.

Each week we’ll offer three new prompts with new designs in our Thursday newsletter. Let us know how we can help! And if you like our pages and create a Coronacation Scrapbook, we’d love to see your pics! 

Download the Free Printables writing prompts for kids and let us know how it goes! We’re in this together. Week 2 writing prompts for kids are here!

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