How to Save on Printing

by Kimberley McGee
homeschool printing

Worksheets, quizzes, poems and party invites, a homeschool family’s printer is pushing out plenty of paper. Local homeschool mom Sara Matteo shares how to save on printing all the homeschool downloads and free finds!


Review: The Homeschool Printing Company

As a long-time homeschooler I am a heavy user of my home printer. Buying digital files of curriculum is usually quite a bit less expensive than printed copies. And though it is an option, I don’t usually use materials on my tablet or computer.


I’m old school. I like a physical copy in my hand. I usually print at home. This year, I made a major curriculum purchase and didn’t want the hassle. After a little research, I chose The Homeschool Printing Company for the first time. Here’s why.


How it Works


Purchase a PDF Copy of Your Curriculum and Upload the Files to the Site

If your curriculum is not in PDF format, then you can use a free service to convert it. I use and it’s been a breeze. The instructions for uploading to The Homeschool Printing Company are simple and intuitive. After entering your name and address you upload your PDF file and affirm that you are the legal owner or have permission to print the curriculum from the author. 


Choose Your Printing, Paper and Finishing Options 

You can choose single- or double-sided printing in black and white or color. Then you choose your paper weight. This was the most helpful part of the process for me. I’m not a professional printer so I don’t know what the different weights of paper mean for my project. You are encouraged to choose different options and see how your price is affected. Cardstock is available as well. You can have your project laminated, 3-hole punched or spiral bound. 


Submit Your Order and…Wait

This is the only downside to printing this way and it’s only trouble if you are in a hurry. The wait time for orders to be finished is around six weeks. It sounds unreasonable in the age of 2-hour delivery but patience pays off. When your order is complete, you will receive a payment invoice. 


How Much Money Can I Save?

Now for the good stuff. In a very unscientific experiment, I uploaded my homeschool PDF documents to a local big box office chain store printing service. My total cost for 500 pages, printed double-sided in black-and-white, was $60. That allowed me to save on printing by quite a lot. That’s equal to two ink cartridges, which something of that size would probably go through on my little printer.


This was without 3-hole punching. I couldn’t find that option on the order page! I have a 3-hole punch but you couldn’t pay me to put holes in 500 pages. My order from The Homeschool Printing included half black-and-white, half color printing (on the suggested 28-lb paper which is 3 cents extra per sheet). 

All double-sided and 3-hole punched. My total cost, including $10.95 for shipping, was a budget-friendly $38. That’s a big savings! The average home printer generally prints out around 200 pages per cartridge.


Sara Matteo is a home educating mom of 10 years. She is testing for her Black Belt in Tae Kwon Do. She lives in Las Vegas but is a long suffering, ever hopeful Cleveland sports fan by marriage.

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