How to Help Kids Feel Empowered

by Kimberley McGee
Confident kids are empowered.

Giving our kids the power of positive thought and confidence is a constant request on Vegas Kids Zone. Homeschool mom of 6, Taya Fisher, has created a free Facebook group, Raising Empowered Kids, where parents can ask questions and get free tips and information about how to raise their child’s self-confidence and emotional intelligence. For more info on raising confident kids, follow her page Our Kids Empowered.

What is the inspiration behind Our Kids Empowered?

I am a mother of 6. As I learned more about our brains, mindset, how to improve our thoughts and results, and all that goes with it, I found myself wishing my kids had this information. I wanted to present it in a way that was fun and engaging and that made it simple to implement.

It is important for kids to understand that their thoughts are important.

I have created a curriculum for teaching kids about their thoughts called Our Thoughts are Like Seeds. This curriculum is meant to be simple yet powerful with options that make it possible to complete in 5-10 minutes per day.

The curriculum is a perfect for homeschoolers who want to help their kids be empowered with a positive mindset.

Why is it important to teach kids affirmations?

It is important for kids to understand that their thoughts are important. Their thoughts are the first step to any result they get in life. Everything starts with a thought. A great way to train kids’ brains to improve their thoughts is to teach them positive affirmations. Saying affirmations each day will help kids feel good about themselves and the world, and with time, it will train their brains to believe positive things about themselves and the world.

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