How to Get the Best Grocery Deals Each Week

by Kimberley McGee
save on groceries

Each week I post the best grocery deals I can find. I pair them with online rebates, coupons, printed coupons and loyalty cards. There’s also store vouchers, Buy 5s and other ways to save. It can be confusing. Here are my top tips on tracking down deals, how to use vouchers to your advantage and not get suckered into buying a bunch of junk and more. 

I love a good deal, and buying local, so I have a few local deals for grads and dads.

Where to Find Online Coupons and Rebates

Sign up for Ibotta for the rebates. Just put in your loyalty card number for each store and you’ll start stacking up some cash. You can pair coupons with the rebates. Do the same for Saving Star and other rebate companies to keep on top of new coupons. Manufacturers tend to put out coupons for new products they are trying to get the public to sample.

There are many ways to track down local grocery deals.

  • Sunday coupon inserts
  • Store displays
  • Manufacturer websites
  • Store ads
  • Product packaging
  • Store websites
  • iBotta
  • Saving Star
  • Grocery Smarts

Loyalty Cards for Grocery Deals

You have to have a loyalty card for the grocery store and load it up on the computer or on your phone in order to get most of the extreme deals I find each week.

Download the app for the best deals. The in-store app also allows you to scan items to get coupons and check on pricing. Some stores, such as Sprouts, only have deals on the app.

Pro tip! Print the coupons on Grocery Smarts and other printable online places and check to see if they are also on your loyalty card. The coupons on your loyalty card for that item will be used first. But you can come back and use the printed coupons for extra savings! 

Coupon Inserts

Also, hold onto those coupons that come into the house via mail or find them online. They tend to come in the Wednesday, or Thursday, grocery ad pack in the mail. Valpak and the weekly The View newspaper that may land on your driveway also have coupons.

If you prefer to only get the Sunday paper with the ads, the dollar store sells the Sunday paper. Just make sure the ads are actually in the paper, often tucked behind the comics.

Buy 5 Mix and Match

For the Buy 5 Mix and Match that many stores do, particularly Smith’s, you can buy 5 of one item or 5 items under the lengthy list of items included in the sale. Or you can buy 10, or 15, as long as it’s in multiples of 5.

Sometimes I’ll have coupons for 12 items, so I’ll add 3 of one of the cheapest items on the list, such as three canned beans for .67 each. Otherwise, those 2 items above 10 that I’m buying within the Buy 5 Mix and Match will ring up at the normal price. 

Product Packaging

The liquor aisle is a great place to find coupons for a variety of items, particularly around holidays and major sporting events. (My mom pitched in with this idea!) Look on wine and liquor bottles as well as packages of beer for coupons. 

The little cardboard tags around the necks or stuck to the side of the beer box are usually for free meat (up to a certain dollar amount), seafood, deli meats and cheeses, a certain brand of chips or other snack food when you buy a bottle, or typically two, along with the food item. 

These coupons tend to be higher in value, such as $5 off a pound of meat or $4 off cheese. Pair that with a good deal on wine and you’ve got a party! 


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