Homeschool with Disney Plus

by Kimberley McGee
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I am not one for adding onto our TV-watching to-do list. But, Disney Plus and its dizzying list of channels has really been a big bonus to our homeschool days. I’ve been in a homeschool rut with the free online programs. They’ve run out of that brand spanking-new charm for the kids and I’m tired of cranking out worksheets to do around the dining table (we tend to do more talking than working, which reminds me of my good ol’ school days!).

This week, Disney Plus is offering a 7-day free trial that includes Hulu and ESPN+. It’s $12.99 a month after that or $6.99 just for Disney Plus.


But Disney has teaching packets and so much more to offer for any homeschool. This month, the Disney Plus’ breakout show, The Mandalorian, debuts May 4th. The new eight-part documentary series exclusive to the streaming platform is an in-depth, behind-the-scenes look. New episodes come out each Friday so grab the popcorn and candy deal from Maya Cinemas and sit back for a Friday night sci-fi feast!

baby yoda

An in-depth series on Disney Plus goes behind the scenes of “The Mandalorian.”

For kids into animals and geography, Disney Nature has packed educational packets that pair with all of their nature shows, such as Dolphin Reef.” Echo, the star of the show, is an Adele dolphin who explores the wonders of the sea.


The Educator’s Packet for Dolphin Reef has lessons and activities for kids in grades 2-6 to do after watching the movie. It covers biodiversity, natural history, Earth’s systems, habitat and ecosystems and a lot more. Math, reading, critical thinking and other skills are rolled into the packet for easy lessons for both mama and kids. It can be downloaded by page or activity with answers for parents to grade their kids work, if needed.

Disney Plus has been a surprisingly informative and educational addition to our homeschool journey. From exploring subjects such as astronomy and geography in greater detail to grabbing the twins attention and keeping them interested in a subject, there is much to find and explore on Disney Plus for the homeschool family. We pair the educational shows with worksheets we download from a few trusted sources (a list and tips at the end of the post).


NEW on Disney for May 2020

Awesome Animals (S1)
Birth of Europe (S1)
Bride of Boogedy
Buried Secrets of the Bible with Albert Lin (S1)
CAR SOS (S1 – S7)
Disney Kirby Buckets (S1-S3)
Homeward Bound: The Incredible Journey
Homeward Bound II: Lost in San Francisco
How to Play Baseball
In Beaver Valley
Lost Treasures of Egypt (S1)
Love & Vets (S1)
Nature’s Half Acre
Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides
Prairie Dog Manor (S1)
Primal Survivor (S1-S4)
Prowlers of the Everglades
Secrets of the Zoo
Secrets of the Zoe: Tampa
Survive the Tribe (S1)
United States of Animals (S1)
Unlikely Animal Friends (S3)
Water Birds
George of the Jungle


Connecting Disney + with Your Homeschool

Don’t go down the rabbit hole as I did. There’s a lot to know about each subject and it did get a little confusing. I searched for worksheets while we watched the shows to narrow down the subject. We found worksheets and other supplemental info that can go with certain shows if you are committed to exploring more about what the show that has sparked in your kid.


These include: (We are currently using this and will have a review up by mid-January.) Teachers Pay Teachers

Outschool Geography Classes

We are thinking of checking out Little Passports, but we already have Tinker Crate. The National Geographic series explores places, people, architecture and animals.

Aside from all that learning, there are the classic kid movies at the ready. Disney Plus gets the hubs and I into a fight over the remote, in a good way. The twins may get bored and wander away but we are reliving some childhood memories from the large array of fun films that is offered on Disney Plus. Of course, my husband and the twins bond on Saturdays watching superhero movies.

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