Homeschool Organization in 15 Minutes

by Kimberley McGee

I stress out when the house is a mess and we have to move clutter to find a flat surface. But I don’t want to cancel swimming or archery because I need a few hours to get the house in order. Our homeschool organization includes picking up not just our books and papers (which find their way all over the house), but pitching in to keep our home, and school, clean and clutter-free. As a full-time working homeschool mom, I do not want to waste my free time cleaning.

I found if I just do 15 minutes in the morning (and have the kids pitch in wherever they can at their age), then the house stays relatively clean and sane. But then the big stuff builds up and I’m back to spending a few hours on the weekend once a month doing all that stuff that, if it doesn’t get done, makes a bigger mess. So, I broke those down into daily tasks that if I spend 15 minutes on can be put in the “good enough” category. Basically, it’s not too embarrassing if the ABA pops in unexpectedly or friends want to drop by. 

Bonus – I find if I just give 15 minutes to cleaning and homeschool organization, it feels like a big accomplishment, and I made a clean spot!

I created this list to keep the clutter at bay and to keep the house feeling fresh, and me less stressed. The main point of cleaning is to simply have a comfy space, not a pristine palace. Take it easy, do what you can because what you are doing is more than enough. I find if I just give it 15 minutes, it feels like a big accomplishment. If I have time, I may take on a few extra and have more catch up days to spend on homeschool planning, a new client or a much-deserved park day. Happy homeschooling!

Keep your home clean in 15 minutes a day.

For the kids, we use dry erase boards with a list of their specific chores. My son needs details while my daughter just needs the word Poop to know to go and pick up the backyard. They mark off the dry erase board as they go. No computer until the chores are done. We have one for morning and one for the evening to help them stay on task and not feel overwhelmed. It works really well for helping with those executive functions they need to hone as they grow. And their entire list of chores takes about 15 minutes.

chore chart for vegas kids zone

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