Homeschool Deals on Amazon for Preschool

by Kimberley McGee
amazon preschool deals

Every Wednesday I update this list with worthwhile education toys or homeschool finds on Amazon for preschoolers. 

The prices should stay the same through the week, but they can vary by a few dollars, FYI. I only put up toys I have used or can truly recommend. I am an affiliate, but it does not affect the price to you. 

Looking for a local preschool program or play place? We have an updated list of schools, classes, play places and more for the PreK set! 

Skoolzy Counting Toddler Games – STEM Apple Factory Learning Toys 

45% off = $21.97

  • This is a Montessori based play box packed with proven play games for toddlers and kids up to 6 years old. There’s a color matching game and fine motor skills toys for kids of all ages. This stuffed educational toy package can be used from early toddler through kindergarten.
  • There are occupational therapy toys for toddlers,  number puzzle counting toys to improve hand-eye coordination with fine motor skill games as they grow as well as color recognition skills, identification, & counting skills. There’s also an engineering design challenge with 7 Design cards for older kids 4-6.  

Teach My Toddler Learning Kit
36% OFF

You can get free printables online for all these things and create your own. However, for this price, it’s a good deal in many ways. There are 68 pieces to teach your toddler the alphabet, numbers, shapes and colors, 4 board books, 4 posters, 7 puzzles and 55 flashcards. The kit promotes literacy, numeracy, spatial reasoning, hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills.

A handy Step-by-Step Teaching Guide gives you good ideas to help toddlers step up their game! 

The Big Preschool book of ABCs
70% OFF

This is a great busy box addition. Put out the book in the morning as part of their play and let them explore. Kids can color and play the games while you work or sit alongside your PreK student and guide them through the reading and writing exercises. This is one of the more popular school books for preschoolers and is nearly 70% off.

Learning Resources Mental Blox Critical Thinking Game

20 Blocks, 20 Activity Cards, Ages 5+
10 % OFF

Perfect size for little hands to manipulate in many ways. They can build block cities, barnyards or playgrounds or follow the patterns on the cards that come with the game. They will stack colors and blocks in unusual patterns using all of the different shapes. Great for honing those fine motor skills. 

Educational Insights GeoSafari Jr.
My First Microscope
23% OFF

This is always a good buy. The larger eyepieces and chunky knob let kids zoom in and check out icky bugs or their favorite foods under the microscope. Features 8x magnification and an LED light for enhanced viewing.

The Playful Alphabet

This was written by a homeschool mom who created a thorough PreK book to help kids lear the alphabet through movement, art and sensory exploration! There are more than 130 letter activities for kids to learn to identify all the letters of the alphabet and their sounds. Part of the Pre-K YOUR Way Curriculum Series.

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