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by Kimberley McGee
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When we first started homeschooling, I required a good plan. I thought we needed to mimic public school. As I eased into the less regimented stye of homeschool that worked for my kids’ learning styles, I still needed a good plan and full homeschool curriculum. But finding one was not easy. There is so much information to wade through! 

After asking many homeschool moms with years of experience, I found Time4Learning was easy for newbies to manuever while also a strong academic program for kids of all ages. It took a few tries to figure out the planning and not print out reams of worksheets. Here are some tips and tricks as well as a breakdown of the full homeschool curriculum.

The Basics of Time4Learning


Time4Learning is a full, all-in-one online curriculum.

It includes:


Science Language Arts Social Studies

Pros of the Program

I walked into homeschooling thinking we would apply the same strict timelines and hours spent on each subject. When you only have two kids, the hours whittle down to just a few because you aren’t having to wrangle other kids or wait for everyone to catch up.

The online program works well. The kids were independent and went through the complete video instruction and quizzes in the morning. We did worksheets and went over lessons they didn’t do well on after lunch.

Planning with Time4Learning

If the week has gotten away from you with friends, field trips or the kids simply are just not that into it, you can put the week as a break. Your students will get credit for any activities they completed, tests they took or instruction they watched.

If they didn’t do well on a test or activity, uncheck the box and they will get a fresh start the following week. We set an 80 percent goal for tests. If they score less, they have to retake the test. When you go in and uncheck the test, make sure to uncheck the instruction.

You can plan for days when you will be busy. If you have a field trip or family visiting, you can move the curriculum around to have extra math on Monday and Language Arts on Thursday. Being able to spread the instruction and test-taking out on a daily, nearly hourly basis takes the stress off of us trying to finish or complete makeup work.

Affordable and Effective

It’s fairly inexpensive for around $20 a month when you consider all that it encompasses. It is heavy on math and science with independent reading and writing activities. These subjects can be costly if you buy workbooks and individual programs.

The worksheets that you print out each week can add up. To offset costs for multiple kids, put the sheets in a sheet protector so that more than one child can complete the work. Erase their answers and it is ready for the next child.

Cons to Consider

I work from home and this was a fairly independent curriculum for my kids who enjoy learning…to a point.

The online instruction can get boring and tedious. They worked better when I broke it up with Time4Learning’s writing program and worksheets.

The first two weeks were fun, and then they became bored with reading about social studies and history. We ended up supplementing those two areas with other curricula, including Outschool classes where they are able to interact with an instructor and fellow students online.

Tips for This Homeschool Curriculum

We found the Science4Us curriculum to be pretty involved and better than other online programs. This also means you have to have a wide variety of materials on hand, and the time and patience to complete the tasks. We saved it for a Friday or weekend day where we could truly focus just on science.

If we were out of something, then we asked local families on Facebook homeschool groups if they used Science4Us. They often not only had extra supplies, but saved us toner and paper by providing packets.

Don’t Rely on One Program

Kids don’t learn or perform with computers fulltime as well as they do with you or a teacher.

Look over the curriculum on Sunday or a day that works for you. Make a list of the materials that will be needed, worksheets that need to be printed out, so you can pick up supplies when you are out and about during the week. This makes it easier to be prepared for setting up and completing these assignments.

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