Homeschool Academy Offers Window to the World

by Kimberley McGee
True North Homeschool Academy has been a longtime go-to for full curriculum.

True North is currently offering a 14-week foreign language exploration course where students can learn Latin, French, Spanish, German, Mandarin Chinese and Hebrew. It’s $97 and students learn about and how to speak each language in two-week increments. Each increment will cover the alphabet, simple phrases and counting up to 10 as well as culture, geography, food and more. The course starts in March.

There are hundreds of online homeschool academy programs and classes to assist you and your child navigate homeschooling successfully. We are reaching out to a few that parents have recommended and wanted to know more about. True North Homsechool Academy offers live on-line and self-paced classes as well as Academic Advising, Testing and Community. We asked True North director and teacher, Lisa Nehring, to answer a few questions we’ve fielded from homeschoolers and offer insight into this interactive online curriculum.

Check out my How to Homeschool by Age section for more info on homeschool and learning styles, homeschool organization and how to plan your homeschool day with an online curriculum such as True North Homeschool Academy. If you aren’t sure where to start, I put together a Homeschool 101 Checklist and where to go to get a free assessment of your child’s skills (although not needed to successfully homeschool!).

What are highlights of True North that make it popular for parents?

Our teachers come from all over the United States, as well as Israel, and have a wide range of experience teaching and educating. Our prices are quite low for live on-line classes that run from 28 weeks for elementary classes, 30 weeks for Junior High Classes and 32 weeks for Senior High Class.

We provide assessments and grading and make use of projects, memory work, presentations and papers. We combine the unique creativity of the homeschooling world with qualified accountability and cutting-edge technology to deliver fantastic educational opportunities for students anywhere in the world who has access to wifi.


We are not an accredited institution as that would preclude many of our teachers and raise our prices. Our teachers bring a wealth of experience and a passion for both teaching and their subject matter. Accreditation would require that we hire accredited teachers, regardless of their passion or ability and cost thousands of dollars, which would be passed down to our families. We would rather save our families money and bring them our amazing, world-class teachers!

True North Homeschool Academy is a partnership between parents-students and our teachers.


What do kids tend to be drawn to and get much out of?

Because our students can see and hear each other, as well as their teachers in each class, they become friends and colleagues. We have several students in several classes together and they are building relationships around the country and out of it! One of our tag-lines is “Real Experiences, Real Relationships.”


What are some main components parents like?

Parents love that our teachers are qualified educators that make use of tools like notebooking, time-lines, presentations, small group activities, projects, papers and more! Our teachers work to bring quality academic tools, principles and pedagogy to the privacy of your home.

They make ready use of their wealth of contacts and abilities. Recent guest speakers to our classes have included the father of one of our students, Paul Carette, owner of Flag Shooter, author Ian Doescher, Verily, New Hope, et al, and Hillsdale College Dean Paul Moreno.


How does the homeschool academy challenge students?

Students are challenged to learn technology, be accountable for homework, deadlines and learning to get along with various adults and other students in their lives. They are also learning the art of negotiation as they might be able to handle the homework but perhaps struggle with technology or deadlines.


Can you touch on the assessment process so parents can better understand?

Our teachers do grade materials that are turned in on specific dates. Teachers create their own assessments and include showing up to class and participation, presentations, lab reports, papers, in-class small group and whiteboard activities and quizzes and tests.


How does curriculum suggestions work?

Curriculum is determined prior to each class and listed on the website. Parents are required to provide curriculum suggested so that students can fully participate in the on-line classes and homework. Some classes require curriculum, some books, some movies.


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