Epic List of Halloween Ideas for Quarantine

by Kimberley McGee
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Halloween ideas

We can be grateful for one thing, Halloween falls on a Saturday. But that is a double-edged sword. Kids have all day to wait to either not go trick-or-treating, or have a lackluster loop around the neighborhood. 

As I was researching what to put in the Halloween Quarantine Kit to make it as stuffed with fun as possible, I came across a lot of great ideas and thought I’d share! 

Here’s a list of Halloween ideas to help kids (and parents!) get in the spirit this season. 

Unique Quarantine “Group” Activities 

Get ghosted, in a good way. Reach out to neighbors or members of a Facebook group with kids and create a goody bag or fill a pumpkin with treats and leave on their doorstep. Your kiddo will get one in return. The more the merrier! The goodies arriving throughout the day or evening will be a little thrill all day.

Zoom scavenger hunt. Have a list of items and email them to the other parent so they can know what items they have on hand. Kids have to scavenge for items and be the first to arrive back with the item and get a reward. Make it more personal by making small gifts and sending them to each other and turn it into a treasure hunt of sorts. Mom can hide the items in the room where the Zoom call is happening and email the other parent where the items are in the room. Each child know where the items are in the other child’s room and can play hot or cold.

Hold a parade in your neighborhood.

Games and Activities

I’ve created a Halloween Quarantine Kit chock full of activities and family games such as charades and costume Pictionary and a treasure hunt with clues for a candy treasure hunt you can print out and do daily for a sweet surprise every day or as a lengthy game to keep kids busy on Halloween.  

Halloween Activity Kit

A game of costume charades can bring on fits of giggles and gets the whole family involved.

Turn a treasure hunt into a candy hunt. I’ve got a good half dozen ways to create a treasure hunt in your home that can be turned into Halloween fun for the family.

For kids who like a good scare, and a good one for teens, do a little light reading with Tarot cards.


Attend a trunk-or-treat.

Decorate the windows with a craft kit to show off that Halloween spirit! 

Decorate your car and drive around looking for Halloween decorated homes.

Play a game of Candy Crush, on paper! I’ve made a candy search game that is included in the Halloween Quarantine Kit for kids to line up delicious treats and more. Use sheet protectors to play over and over again. Change it up by adding a timer to see who can find the most in a minute.

1-minute Horror Word Race. Write as many Halloween related words as you can in a minute.

Do a blind candy taste test.

Create non-scary sensory activities for littles. Whole Child Homeschool has some great ideas!

The fun mom over at Geez, Gwen has a Halloween writing prompt dice game that is a lot of fun to play even if you have reluctant writers (like we do over here!).

Get into a ghoulish craft with a Ghost Slime Experiment from Preschool Powol Packets! She also has a bubble science with pumpkins activity that will create hours of fun for littles and a Screaming Ghost Balloons for a fun science activity.

Halloween Ideas for Kids

A fun, affordable and memorable craft is the Tie Dye Coffee Filter Monster from ABCs of Literacy.

Hess Unacademy has created a packed packet of fun for Halloween. It includes mazes, wordsearches, build-a-witch activity, tracing and coloring pages and much more to keep kids entertained and in the spirit this Halloween. And if you have run out of ideas or “Hocus Pocus” is on repeat, she has a lengthy list of movie ideas to stir things up this season!


Create small trophies to hand out to winners of charades, bean bag toss or other family game with funny titles. 

Playing with Boxes

A great use for all those boxes piling up from online ordering is the Box-O-Lantern for Preschoolers and Toddlers from Simple Home Blessings.

Or create a bean bag candy toss with a those empty packages. Use a large enough box and the rim of a pint glass to cut out holes big enough for the candy to fall through. Decorate the box and create a points game for a special prize or award. Have a bean bag or outdoor game? Switch it up with decorations and use candy as the bean bag. 


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