Games Galore & More at HyperX Esports Arena

by Kimberley McGee
hyperx esports arena
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There is more to this arena than game play. I had a group of kids, and parents, who wanted to know more about what this gaming destination was all about. So, I do what I do and arranged a tour of the HyperX Esports Arena so we could all learn more about this 30,000-square-foot indoor gamer space that opened in 2018 at the Luxor.

More to Explore at Esports Arena

HyperX Esports Arena is a place that gamers can gather in a space that offers so much more than mere game play.  They have Xboxes and PlayStation 4s at the front for some classic gaming and aisles and aisle of PCs for individual or group play. They have the usual and a few we hadn’t heard of. The kids went for Fall Guys, Minecraft, Mario, Fortnite, Call of Duty, while the parents sat down for classic video games.

The arena also hosts tournaments for kids and adults. The Saturday Night Speedway offers prizes of $100 to $1,000 for tournament players and the Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout offers a $250 prize.

Gamers can meet at the arena all summer to grow their skills, confidence in tournament play, meet other players and try new games. It’s surprisingly affordable. Who knows? Maybe you’ll get tapped by a professional scout!

The venue is as impressive as the roster of games. Comfy couches are set throughout the two-tiered arena.

There is a dining area at the back and top of the two-tiered venue for parents to be able to be see their kids play…but still get a minute to themselves! This may have been one of the parent’s favorite part of the tour. Get some kids together and have a mom’s day in a safe space for a few hours.

VIP rooms are a great idea for birthday parties, but that is so basic. Rent one for family reunions or get togethers or just get some friends together and split the cost for a day indoors where the kids are busy and you can put your feet up with a cool drink and some tasty snacks. Each room accommodates up to 10 guests and has consoles and PCs, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switches, etc.

Hour passes are $15 and two-hours are $25 (May 2021). Locals receive double-time with valid ID.
Military gets a discount of 15% with valid ID.

Benefits of Esports

Don’t scoff at the kids taking in hours of gaming. Esports, especially around live events and broadcasts, have become another compelling way to train students for real-world jobs while engaging them in a pastime many already play or watch. HyperX Esports Arena has a streamer room, broadcast center, production studio and more for serious gamers who want to add a professional touch to their online endeavors.


There are many esports career opportunities beyond game or software design. Esports can offer inroads to researching skills, business development, coach, product management, statistician, data analyst, IT networking, support and sales, entrepreneurial endeavors and website development.

  • Esports is a global phenomenon that is bringing world-class gaming experiences to local communities
  • There are 13,000+ schools with an esports team.
  • More than 200 colleges offer scholarships to talented esports players.
  • Esports enhances critical thinking, requires problem solving, strategic planning and group preparation.
  • It builds community among esports players and fosters collaboration with STEAM and technology skill building.
  • It improves motivation and scholastic achievement.
  • It’s an inclusionary foundation that removes barriers.


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