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by Kimberley McGee
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Many mom blogs have free printables as well so take a closer look at those. We’ll be adding to this weekly! We’ve broken them down into the following subjects. If they offer one thing better than others, we note that, too.

  • Math
  • Coding
  • Reading and Writing
  • History & Geography
  • Science
  • Art
  • Full Curriculum
  • Printables & Worksheets
  • Sites We Love to Get Motivated


XtraMath: I reached out to the executive director who offered tips for parents on how to use XtraMath for your kiddos. Great for middle school kids who need a boost in math or want a challenge. It offers tests and quizzes and sends parents a progress report each week. We love it!

NEW! Math-Aids – You can build and print worksheets easily for any grade and skill level. Answer a few quick questions, such as how difficult, how many questions and subjects to cover, and Math-Aids generates worksheets for your kiddo with answers for mom and dad! (Pro-tip – for multiplication, print out the empty multiplication chart along with the filled-in version and have the beginning math student fill it in a few times. We let the kids use the multiplication chart until they no longer had to look up basic times tables. So much easier, no tears and they started liking math again!)

Prodigy Math: When we first started homeschooling and I was at a loss if I was doing the right thing, I was glad to have Prodigy. They had used it in school and enjoyed it. They used their school IDs and logged in, no help from me, and worked on math challenges for well over an hour. They continue to log in to Prodigy and we bought the year plan for $60.

Khan Academy: Especially good for math and coding but covers all subjects for all ages


Blockly: Learn computer programming skills – fun and free.

Scratch: Creative computer programming from MIT. Kids can build and show off their skills to other coders around the world.

Tinkercad: Jack devoured this site and paired it with a book from the library he downloaded on his tablet.


Lesson Pathways: Learn life skills and supplement your reading and writing. K-5th grade.

Futurelearn: Free to access 100s of courses! If you need a certificate to show work or progress, you can upgrade.

Oxford Owl: Great early reading, spelling and writing!


NEW! Geography4Kids – Kids can move as fast or slow as they want through the many concepts about the flow of energy on Earth and then lead you into other ideas on the site.

Seneca – From the UK, loads of history and interesting geography lessons here!

National Geographic Kids – Activities and quizzes for younger kids about plants, animals and the planet. Ted Ed This is particularly good for teens as well as finding further info on topics of interest for kids. 

Futurelearn –: Free to access 100s of courses! If you need a certificate to show work or progress, you can upgrade.

Big History Project – Journey through nearly 14 billion years of history in this self-guided, six-hour version of Big History. You’ll find every chapter full of great activities to keep you entertained and test your learning.

Geography Games – Games the twins love and giggle over while also getting those geography facts!


Science Mom: Based out of Boulder City, this local mom offers free new lessons every Wednesday for elementary and middle school kids to learn about the wonders of science.

Mystery Science: Free science lessons for kids K-5. They have a limited number of free memberships for one year. 


CreativeBug: The local library district just connected with this online program that is usually $10 a month. It’s free with your library card. Access 1000s of arts and crafts projects.

The Artful Parent: Good, engaging and free art activities.

Red Ted Art Easy arts and crafts for little ones to keep those little hands busy. The Imagination Tree Creative art and craft activities for the very youngest.


Full Curriculum

Montessori Tube Academy – You can download individual albums for free or ALL of the store printables in one bundle for $5 instead of $135. Printables you will get are over 600 pages (We have ways to save on printing here.) The entire $5 bundle includes:

Language Printables include:

– Pink Series bundle (35 pages)
– Blue Series reading bundle (34 pages)
– Green series reading bundle (45 pages)
– Adjectives activities (24 pages)
– Pronouns impressionistic charts (11 pages)
– Montessori Nouns Bundle (41 pages)
– Montessori-Grammar-sentences-and-symbols (16 pages)
– Singular and plural bundle Grammar center (12 pages)
– Synonyms and antonyms activities (27 pages)
– Types of adverbs activities (11 pages)
– Verbs and nouns Sorting Activity (14 pages)

Free math from Montessori Tube Academy.

Math Printables include:

– Addirion matching activities (43 pages)
– Addition booklet (7 pages)
– Fractions activitie (22 pages)
– Geometry cabinet matching cards (solid-thick-thin) (57 pages)
– Division booklet (7 pages)
– Division games and activities (32 pages)
– MontessoriDecimalcardsprintable (14 pages)
– Montessori Multiplication equations for flat bead frame (3 pages)
– Multiplication booket (7 pages)
– Multiplication matching activities (43 pages)
– Multiplication frog game center activity (9 pages)
– Static and Dynamic Addition (11 pages)
– Subtraction booklet (7 pages)

Science and Geography Printables include:

– Land and Water Bodies Bundle (24 pages)
– Magnets investigation activities (24 pages)
– Phases of the moon activities (25 pages)
– Seasons activities (36 pages)
– States of matter activities (19 pages)
– Weather activities (27 pages)

And our well-being printable bonus, which is so much needed for children these days!

– Emotional Zones Posters (8 pages) is offering free access to some of its resources to facilitate your child’s learning journey while at home.

Free World U – the basic is a flashcard based interactive method. K-12th grade.

CK-12 – an eReader can be used for the books, interactive videos and more.

Core Knowledge – supports the Common Core State Standards, PreK-6th grade.

Watch Know Learn – We are just learning about this online homeschool resource thatprovides a #free place where educators can “store, categorize, and rate the best, K – 12 educational videos on the Internet today.”

Easy Peasy – All In One Homeschool – This comes highly recommended by many homeschool moms. Has a180-day lesson plans for PreK-8th.

Khan Academy– We find ourselves returning to this resource with more than 4,500 online videos covering all subjects. The twins found it in the magnet school they were originally in and have continued to use it.

SAS Curriculum Pathways – Can be used in a virtual or traditional homeschool with standards-based resources in English language arts, mathematics, science, social studies and a solid Spanish course for beginners.

Mater Amabilis – A Catholic Charlotte Mason curriculum. Prek-8th grade.

Hippo Campus – We have this on our list to check out now that the twins are into 5th grade subjects. It has nearly 7,000 free videos in 13 different subject areas. It’s for the older set, middle school to college, so it’s good for those kids who want to jump ahead in a given subject.

Ambleside Online – a freshly designed free homeschool curriculum that shadows the Charlotte Mason curriculum. PreK-12th.

The Puritans Home School – curriculum consistent with Westminster Standards and the Three Forms of Unity. K-12th grade. The free online documents are in PDF form, FYI.

Old Fashioned Homeschool – There are 40-week schedules that pairs with mainly free resources with textbook and Living Books, K-12th.

Hubbard’s Cupboard – Emphasis on reading and Pre-K Bible based printables and lessons.

Printables & Worksheets

New! Casa Chitalpa

We recently came across this homeschool mama who finds unique free printables each month that explore specific subjects. She roots out nature and language printables that are engaging and fun for littles and big kids so you don’t have to.


They typically charge a fee, but they are offering parents a month of free access in the event of school closures.

The Kids Should See This

Can’t motivate? We turn to this wide range of cool educational videos to get the kids back in the groove.

Toy Theater

Educational online games include mazes, word searches, and much more. Morgan and Jack will get motivated to finish those dull times tables after a refresher on this game-based educational site.

Duolingo – The twins actually ask if they can play this when they have finished their daily assignments but still have time to fill.

And if you want to look into even more, Freedom Homeschooling gathers free and low-cost homeschool curriculum, including Super TeachersTeachers Pay Teachers and and


Thank you for sharing and pinning to pass around to your fellow homeschool parents! 

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