Flowers Find A Way to Say All You Need

by Kimberley McGee
flowers for friends

During this downtime as the city and country reel from unprecedented lockdowns, we are reaching out to area businesses that offer products or services that can help locals celebrate milestones. Each business has graciously offered a discount to Vegas Kids zone subscribers and readers. Sun City-Summerlin Florist is offering a free upgrade for you to send flowers to friends and families, Class of 2020 grads, birthday boys and girls or just to lift the spirits of someone sheltering at home. Sign up for the VKZ newsletter to get more local and online discounts for services and educational programs.

“Flowers Show Up When You Can’t”

Hileah Cleveland, owner of Sun City-Summerlin Florist is one of our favorite longtime locals who gives back to the community all year long. Her signature floral designs are impressive and unique to each recipient’s tastes and special occasion.

She offers no contact delivery of her bountiful bouquets, flowers, balloons, sweet treats and gift baskets.

“My designers and drivers’ sanitize vases with rubbing alcohol or Clorox wipes,” she said. “They wear gloves and face masks to ensure the safety of our clients.”

A bright spill of scented blooms arriving unexpectedly can lift spirits and remind family and friends far away that they are loved, appreciated and seen for all they have accomplished.

“Flowers show up when you can’t,” Cleveland said. “In a time where people are feeling lonely, anxious and unsure of the future, flowers convey love and kindness. It adds a special brightness to someone’s day.”

flowers for friends in vegas
A bountiful bouquet can show your special Class of 2020 grad how proud you are of their accomplishments.

 Professional Designers Deliver Happiness

She and her Sun City- Summerlin Florist designer team have worked with the TLC Network, Netflix, Vegas Magazine, JMPforce, Encore Beach Club and countless others. They are offering $10 for a free upgrade for Vegas Kids Zone subscribers.

The most popular arrangements since Covid-19 arrived are freestyle/ designer choice arrangements to ensure the freshest flowers possible. With deliveries of fresh blooms often sporadic, the florists have found workarounds to deliver impressive arrangements quickly.

“Our turnaround time for most arrangements is same day guaranteed delivery,” she said. Some exclusions apply.

flowers for friends
Sun City-Summerlin Florist offers a discount for Vegas Kids Zone subscribers.

Thriving on Sin City Spirit 

Since the self-quarantine has been in effect, Cleveland has continued to reach out to the community, often one person at a time. Recently she came to the rescue of an elderly gentleman who had left his wallet at home.

“He had forgotten his wallet at home, and was going to go home and brave the grocery store again. I could not let that happen,” she said. “So, my boyfriend and I promptly paid for his groceries. He was in such shock and asked, ‘Why would you do that? You don’t even know me?’ But I could not in my right mind let him come back and run the risk of getting sick.”

They exchanged information and Cleveland waved goodbye to Ziggy, a nonogenarian who also lives in Sun City-Summerlin.

“I had no expectations of Ziggy paying me back but within minutes of leaving the grocery store he had dropped off money and his contact information at the shop,” Cleveland said.


Friends and Flowers

The engaging Ziggy soon became a regular at the flower shop. They soon became close friends. She learned that Ziggy is a Holocaust survivor who lived underground for a year before being discovered. The young Ziggy spent the remainder of the war in a concentration camp. He is a determined COVID-19 pandemic survivor, and now one of Cleveland’s most cherished client and new friend.

“Ziggy has since come into my flower shop multiple times, sometimes just to check I,” she said. “Although, this week I am honored to create a birthday arrangement for Ziggy’s ‘lady friend.’”

It is a bright spot in a confusing and trying time as the days and weeks under the cloud of coronavirus roll by. But Las Vegans are known for their community spirit and unflagging support of each other in difficult times.

“I would’ve never known this man Ziggy’s incredible story without that one single act of kindness,” Cleveland said. “Stay healthy, stay happy… And most of all be kind!”

Future Looks Rosy

With ongoing support from the community and Cleveland’s continued of the community, she is hopeful about the city’s future. She host’s Rose’s and Rose’ Floral Design Classes every Wednesday from to 8 p.m.

“We are hoping to resume our regular class schedule June 1,” she said. “In the meantime, we offer a $10 free upgrade to any orders from Vegas Kids Zone subscribers. We also provide gift cards for the shop’s Roses and Rosé Floral Design Classes for future use post-quarantine mandates.”

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