Flexible Learning Online with Keystone

by Kimberley McGee
keystone online

Parents often inquire if their high-school aged child needs to use an accredited program to graduate. Each state has its own set of rules. Nevada does not require an accredited program to graduate high school. However, if your child plans to attend college, an accredited proram can be helpful. 

Keystone Online Homeschool Programs are fully accredited. This makes it ideal for those who are looking to move onto higher education. 


We reached out to Francesca Berchiolli Leme,
Manager, Business Development & Strategic Partnerships, to get more details on the longtime homeschool program. 


How is Keystone unique to other online curriculums?

  • Keystone is our most flexible, fully accredited online private school. You may choose to start any day of the year and students are given and entire calendar year to complete courses. This means they can work as slowly or as quickly as they need to, to fully understand the concepts and continue on. There is a virtual teacher who does all of the grading and assists with student questions/provides support when needed.

Why (or when) is it important to use an accredited curriculum?

  • It’s extremely important to use an accredited curriculum because it is approved by department of education and transferrable when a student goes to another school. It is absolutely most important that when a student is on the track for a diploma that they choose an accredited program so that they may receive an actual diploma.

Keystone online learning is 50% off through May.

What are highlights of Keystone that make it popular for parents?

  • It’s flexibility and self-paced nature make it extremely popular for parents. This is the program for the struggling student, who needs more time to work on lessons, and the advanced student who is constantly bored and wants to move ahead in their lessons. The online program is also interactive and fun for students. It truly engages them and allows them to work at their full potential.

What do kids tend to be drawn to and get much out of?

  • The online lessons are fun, bright, and engaging. It’s a unique way of learning that we invest so much into, so students can have fun while learning!

How does the curriculum challenge students?

  • Online schooling does not mean easier. Our curriculum is challenging, engaging, and allows students to learn beyond the basics. You will notice when you view the demo.

Can you touch on the assessment process so parents can better understand?

  • Our elementary school program is mastery based. This means that at the end of each section, a quick recap quiz is given to the students. If they don’t score at least an 80% on the recap, the online program will have them go back and re-review the information, so they truly understand everything before moving on. 

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