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Kids home for an extended coronacation? Wondering what they can do to keep up with studies, or simply keep entertained? A good education kit can get you through hard times. We rely on some of these programs when we are feeling behind or struggling with a topic. 

If you are at work all day or work from home, it can feel overwhelming to have the kids at home for an unplanned and extensive period of time. Keep the kids entertained and engaged with educational resources that our kids have loved and actually recommend!

Kidding aside, there are plenty of interesting, engaging and fun things for kids to do online that can supplement their education. From free math, art and writing courses to engineering and art classes ranging from $5-$50, there’s something for all interests, age levels and abilities. The library has a lot of free educational opportunities, including IXL Math and Rosetta Stone. 

We have reviewed many online curriculums online. We’ll give a quick rundown of our favorites here. If you have any questions on how to school at home, please leave a comment below or email me at kim@vegaskidszone.com.

Online Programs


One of the reasons we started homeschool is because my kids were ahead of much of their class in some areas, yet needed extra work in other areas and wanted to push past what was available in the classroom.

We found Outschool to be an exceptionally diverse homeschool resource. It’s excellent for supplementing a child’s education, whether they are homeschooled or enrolled in a school.



Time4Learning is a full, all-in-one online curriculum. I walked into homeschooling thinking we would apply the same strict timelines and hours spent on each subject. When you only have two kids, the hours whittle down to just a few because you aren’t having to wrangle other kids or wait for everyone to catch up. The online program works well. The kids were independent and went through the complete video instruction and quizzes in the morning. We did worksheets and went over lessons they didn’t do well on after lunch.


Local Libraries

The Las Vegas Library District has many free online educational courses and activities. From IXL math to an extensive collection of craft activities on Creativebug, the library can be a great source for free online resources. The Great Courses offers language, history, humanities and much more. Muzzy is a great language course for littles while Rosetta Stone is free and easy for older kids to use independently.

North Las Vegas Library District has expanded its selection of digital comics and graphic novels. Check out Marvel Comics, Disney, Cartoon Network and more on your phone, tablet or desktop.

Download RBdigital from www.nlvld.org.


Educational Tools on Sale

We find deals every week on Amazon. Have to say, since the coronavirus outbreak, um, yah, deals have gone down. The Human Anatomy squishy doll has been on sale for $15 since Black Friday. Now it’s $2 more, but still less than its $30 average. Here’s some good deals that can help in the basics for elementary kids:


We have an extensive, and growing, list of free online curriculum. However, here’s a few of our favorites that the twins preferred.


Casa ChitalpaShe roots out nature and language printables that are engaging and fun for littles and big kids so you don’t have to.


Easy Peasy – All In One Homeschool – This comes highly recommended by many homeschool moms. Has a180-day lesson plans for PreK-8th.


Splash Learn – Math presented in fun tutorials. K-3.


XtraMath – Great for middle school kids who need a boost in math or want a challenge.


Khan Academy– We find ourselves returning to this resource with more than 4,500 online videos covering all subjects. The twins found it in the magnet school they were originally in and have continued to use it.


CK-12 – an eReader can be used for the books, interactive videos and more.


Core Knowledge – supports the Common Core State Standards, PreK-6th grade. Futurelearn Free to access 100s of courses, only pay to upgrade if you need a certificate in your name (own account from age 14+ but younger learners can use a parent account). Openlearn Free courses aimed at teens who are considering Open University but it is available to everyone. It’s adult level, but the twins have found nature and environment courses that were in the subjects they are interested in and much more in-depth than other online courses. Oxford Owl for Home Lots of free resources for Primary age Big History Project Journey through nearly 14 billion years of history in this self-guided, six-hour version of Big History. You’ll find every chapter full of great activities to keep you entertained and test your learning. Geography Games This is chock full of info and lots of fun to play. The Artful Parent Good, free art activities linked to from this Facebook page Toy Theater Entertaining and educational online games

DK Find Out Activities and quizzes for kids from this longtime children’s book publisher.


Low Cost Worksheets & Courses Below is a quick list of resources we put in our education kit to return to throughout the yaer. My kids will explore these when they are looking for something in particular. For instance, Morgan is into animals so found a detailed course about dog anatomy with quizzes and worksheets on Study.com. Teachers Pay Teachers has bundles for social studies, learning how to round or estimate numbers or just about anything you may be looking for.


Coding Courses & Classes

Blockly Jack is constantly on the hunt for coding online when he can’t be in class. This education kit offers ways kids can learn computer programming skills for those with all skill levels. Scratch If kids are just getting into coding and programming, this creative computer programming site is perfect.

If kids are just getting into coding and programming, this creative computer programming site is perfect.



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Recommend Resources

Great for early and struggling readers.

We love this, but it’s more for tweens.

This is in our cart, still researching but it looks soooo cool! And it’s 50% OFF!

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