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by Kimberley McGee
deals for families in las vegas
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Vegas Kids Zone is dedicated to getting discounts for subscribers! Sign up for the weekly newsletter for the latest deals, field trips and meetups!

UPDATE January 2022!  I am working on some great deals and will keep you informed on the latest in the weekly newsletter.

We all need a break from all that’s happening, both socially and financially. I’m teaming up with a few local and national companies each week to bring subscribers deals. This year has been hard enough! But a good deal and some fun activities can put a smile on your face and, more importantly, your child’s face. If you are looking for things to do around the valley, each week I scour all the schedules of cool places and businesses to find the Top 10 Things to do in Las Vegas This Week and this week’s best deals on Amazon for kids and parents!  Let’s get started!

Upcoming Events



Local Deals


Use coupon code VKZLV at checkout and get $10 off a Dahl Studio membership for group classes for kids 0 – 8! Every Vegas Kids Zone member can also receive a free demo class when they visit!

And Pleasantly Charcuterie is offering 10% off its boards that are almost too pretty to eat!

Assessments and Curriculum Deals

Felicia Wright is a professional educator that has transitioned to homeschool teacher (one of our favorites!) and trained to give your child a thorough assessment at any level.

NEW! If you need to get an assessment, or you (like me!) love a good overall assessment each year, I have an incredible resource we’ve used to keep us on track in our homeschool this past year. Felicia Wright is a professional educator and amazing teacher we have worked with who really cares about kids. She got my son, who is on the spectrum, to race to the car to get to her class and write pages for her (For me? He begrudgingly writes a sentence, and it’s usually not very positive!).

She is offering $25 off with code THEHOMESCHOOLCAFE! The Education Assessment with a consult call includes an hour with Mrs. Wright to go over your child’s results and you can ask all your burning questions! We hired her when we first started homeschooling and it helped me gain insight into what they needed, set up our first year to be a success and not waste more money on curriculum that didn’t work. You know how that goes.

NEW! Funcation Academy is offering 18% off its full project-based curriculum with live teacher support for The Homeschool Café readers!

We signed up for Funcation Academy when I had just started homeschooling. The twins loved it because they were able to connect with other kids in the homeroom, do their work independently, check in with teachers and then circle back to talk to their friends around the country in the Funcation Academy clubs and other social opportunities.

I loved it so much I reached out and talked to Amy Scott, the founder of Funcation Academy. I felt Amy Scott as a mother when she said this right here.

“I’m a fairly educated person, but I can’t teach 9th grade algebra,” Scott said. “It’s definitely beneficial to have the support, wherever you can.”

And then this when we talked about how hard it can be as a homeschool mom when you struggle with teaching them something they are struggling with.

“They are really not struggling,” she said, “they are learning.”

Kids can also earn Funbucks that they can spend on approved items in the online store. Everything ships through Amazon. Parents can also put parameters on the shop to know what their child is buying and encourage them as they learn about finances. There are many opportunities to socialize, from the homeroom to the extra fun clubs.

“You get to use whatever features and services you see fit that we provide,” Scott said.

Once you have completed the free assessment, you will receive a special code from Funcation Academy to get this full curriculum with teacher support for under $40 per child! The free assessment really helped us get a better understanding of where we needed to focus and what they had mastered.




Previous Events

Chrissy Bri offers plant-based vegan meal prep! For those looking to lose weight, get healthy, add more plants to your diet, or you’re just too busy to cook, she handles it all. Fully prepared and delicious meal prep kits for the whole family! Get 20% off your first meal prep order with promo code SUMMER20LV. We were just talking about adding more plant-based main meals to our menu. I love zoodles and sauce and tabouli salad, but I need some ideas so I’m diving in on a delivery. I’ve never used a food service, other than a Keto box that we loved (I’m a sucker for free shipping). Can’t wait for my first order to arrive!

Please comment here or send me an email at if you have any questions. Sign up for the newsletter to get the latest updates on field trips, meetups and classes!

And thank you for your support! Love the coffees/donations coming in, it helps more than you know. I really appreciate it.

Ongoing Deals on VKZ

The Las Vegas Mermaid has creative arts and crafts events for kids! Make a day special with a drop-in by this local mom and professional children’s entertainer. Get 20% OFF a mermaid visit with discount code VKZ2021!


Bouncy World Las Vegas has been working on ways they can help locals and kids (have you seen their Instagram deals?!) so I gave them a call. They are CURRENTLY offering $2 off the Open Bounce admission. Mention Vegas Kids Zone!



An arch of festive balloons outside your door is a fun surprise for birthdays, anniversaries, or other special occasions. Festoon Balloons is offering 25% off for Vegas Kids Zone subscribers. Mention Vegas Kids Zone to get the deal! Follow her on Instagram @FestoonVegas.

Stressing out over math?! You are not alone. It’s quite a big club. We found Bridge the Gap Math to be very helpful. The work is broken down into one sheet a day! One! And presented in a way that kids, and parents, can understand and not breakdown. It’s been very helpful. She is offering a 10% discount on these awesome books! Take the tears out of math! Use discount code VKZ10 at checkout.

Throw Back 2020 DEALS (and a taste of what is to come!)

This is a sampling of all the fun Vegas Kids Zone subscribers got to dig into in Las Vegas last year.

Real Bodies at Bally's is offering discounts for Vegas Kids Zone subscribers!

The gracious and friendly folks at Real Bodies at Bally’s offered a special for Vegas Kids Zone peeps! We were so excited for this one that took some time getting because it’s pretty popular here in Las Vegas. The exhibit delves into the human body, muscles, health and more. The latest exhibit shows how Covid-19 affects the body. It’s an in-depth and thorough supplement to a unit study for homeschooling! Get your tickets online and we’ll keep you posted when the deal comes back around!

Always check before you go as the town opens back up. Space at physical places may still be limited to capacity levels. Limited quantities/subject to availability. Offers listed here only available to Vegas Kid Zone Members and Family. Can Not be combined with any other offer. No other discounts available with offers unless otherwise stated. Vegas Kids Zone holds no responsibility for third party availability and actions.



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Would like more homeschooling information for my 6th grader.

Kimberley McGee October 19, 2020 - 9:39 pm

Hi! Are you looking to do it online program or do you want book curriculum? Email me and I can better point you in the right direction.

Karla Brown October 20, 2020 - 10:46 pm

Hi. I subscribed yesterday but haven’t received the email with the discount code to gmeworks. Can you please email it.

Kimberley McGee October 20, 2020 - 11:03 pm

Thank you for letting me know! I sent you an email. Sometimes it can go to spam. I’ll check with the newsletter server and see if there’s something I’m missing. Thank you for subscribing! Let me know how I can help you in your homeschool or distance learning efforts!

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