CEO at 16, Teen Entrepreneur Arushi Chamaria Makes a Daily Difference in Las Vegas

by Kimberley McGee
teen entrepreneur

I met Arushi Chamaria at a recent VKZ event and was very impressed with her poise and desire to help others. I asked the teen entrepreneur to share a little about her thoughts on leadership and volunteering in our community as part of  Las Vegas Teen Spotlight series, which includes a tween CEO, a Make-a-Wish ambassador who battles Cystic Fibrosis and local kids who make their community better with their actions. It’s part of the Teen Career Tips series on Vegas Kids Zone. Entrepreneurship can help kids prepare for the future, gain confidence and skills.

Arushi Chamria has gumption. At 16 years old, she is co-chief executive officer of The Sapience, a microschool in Henderson that teaches STEAM and leadership skills.

“I was looking for jobs and particularly tutoring,”  the senior at Palo Verde High said. “I did an interview and a trial run as a summer camp teacher at The Sapience. Later, applied and was advanced as a Co- CEO.”

The teen entrepreneur’s resume is lengthy, filled with an impressive array of positions. Active in her community, she is
co- founder & president of the politics club at PVHS, founder & president of Career Discovery Club, state representative of Nevada Association of International World Schools, Delegate of “Congress of Future Medical leaders”, Harvard Book Prize Nominee, UNLV AFROTC Award, and maybe you could mention Harvard Summer School and Brown Pre- college program

Aside from her interest in medicine, specifically neuroscience and mental math, the 16-year-old rises at 4:30 every morning and go for a walk/run, to see the sunrise and center her mind.

“I find peace in nature,” she said, and working within the community. “I have volunteered in political campaigns in the past, but currently, I am focusing primarily on spending some hours every week at the Hindu Temple of Las Vegas.”

She offered advice for kidpreneurs and teen entrepreneurs who are looking at making the most out of their activities.

What is The Sapience?

The goal of the business is to spread knowledge around the world more uniquely and effectively while encouraging the learning motivation of the (students). Our most popular course is “Mental Math.” This is a unique course not only for Las Vegas but the country overall.

Our structure is the strongest and the most effective, with the ability to teach at a higher speed than any other program. In a nutshell, this training follows discipline in learning the magical tool, abacus, which trains the students’ math skills and strengthens their overall brain power.

What are your future goals?

When I state my goals, I say the following: “to go to Harvard University for undergraduate, to major in chemistry and minor in Literature while following the pre-med path. Then, progress to medical school and eventually become a neurosurgeon.” Nevertheless, apart from the schools, my goal is to become someone who changes medicine and shares my knowledge with the world while helping the community.

What advice can you give teen entrepreneurs who may want to start a business?

The only advice I would give to other kids or anyone who wants to start a business is to find the passion for what you genuinely want to do. That is the biggest motivator that will keep you going and will be the key to making a successful business.

Also, be open-minded because there is more to the world than what we see, and if you carry the curiosity to learn the unknown, it will make your business grow in unexcepted ways.

What continues to inspire you?

I do not have an individual or a place that keeps me going, rather an idea. The world of science is so unique and has so much yet to be discovered, it plays a significant part in my motivation for the upcoming future; I find the world around me as my inspiration factor. Whether it’s the young minds I tutor and get the opportunity to interact with or the not knowing what tomorrow will be, makes my inspiration stronger each day.




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