Build an Escape Room at Home

by Kimberley McGee
Lock paper scissors

With this quar-time dragging on, we are finding more ways to turn our rooms into treasure hunts. When we stumbled across these cool ways to build an escape room at home by Lock, Paper Scissors we had to reach out and ask them, “How do you do that?!”. 

We peppered Elliott Bailey, owner of Lock, Paper, Scissors with questions until he brokedown…all the details to creating an escape room experience in your living room. Gameschooling has been trending as parents realize all the skills kids learn as they roll dice or roll play. 

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What was the inspiration behind the business?


A few years ago, I, created an escape room for a date night. It was an epic amount of work but we had fun. At some point, I realized that surely there’s at least 1 other person on earth that would enjoy running an escape room for a date or party. There’s a lot of challenges along the way but I’m thankful for all of it. Lock Paper Scissors wouldn’t be Lock Paper Scissors now without all of those.

escape room kits to download

The escape room kits come with all you need.

How does it work? Are there any special tools you need? Do you need to have a room dedicated or can you play on a table?


LPS escape room kits are print-and-play, meaning the storyline is already there and you’ll only have to print it unless you wanted some modifications. Well, special tools? Hmmm… if you wanted to go extra you can create props and use real locks for the games, but basically, the game will still work without it. The great news is that you can play it using a room or like a tabletop board game.

How does a game/interactive puzzle offer help in homeschooling?


There are a lot of educators reaching out to us and use the kits for their school activities. It involves math problems, logic, reading and, more! In fact, we recently created The Lost Mummy Classroom Escape Kit for its education component.


What goes into creating an escape room kit, can you give insight into any fun anecdotes in creating these puzzles?

Designing an escape room is super fun but also takes a lot of work. For real, you should see the state of our poor goblin work-crews after we design an escape game!

What is your best seller?

The best seller for young players is The Lost Mummy while for adult players it’s Escape Room Z.


The Lost Mummy (6ppl in a team) is perfect for 10-12-year-olds and is super easy to set up so you shouldn’t run into any walls. Does not require a phone with reception. Rebel Revolt (4ppl in a team) is for casual players or teens and can easily be played in a tiny area if needed (like a table). It requires players to have a phone with reception. Escape Quest (3-8 players) is an easy difficulty and perfect for 6-8 year-olds. It’s very focused on hunting and scavenging to allow for a variety of younger players. It requires players to have a phone with reception. Mr. George – (2-4 players) if for casual players or teens perfect for house parties. This game is designed for PG-13+ players. It requires players to have a phone with reception. 


What are your tips for large groups to play the escape room kits? 

Divide your crew into smaller groups, of 4-6, who compete for a prize. Print the kit out multiple times depending on numbers. There’s no extra cost for this from my end (buy once, print endlessly). E.g. for 120 people running Escape Room Z you’d print the kit 20 times. 

All the adult kits are self-guided with instructions and hints available to players via their phones. This makes a big day much easier to organize. Print out several different games and let teams choose whether they’re up for the medium or hard one. Some people love the extra challenges whereas others just want to chill out. They’re also very different in theme and flavor so that some teams will like some more than others.


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