Archery 101 for Kids in Las Vegas

by Kimberley McGee
archery general

The Clark County Shooting Complex has a sweet spot in the center of this sprawling outdoor activity center. We spent an afternoon learning archery 101 for kids with trained professionals. They were patient in teaching us the rules about the line and how to adroitly hold the bow and arrows. 

The first arrow to soar from a bow thrilled the kids.The first set of arrows were at close distance. As the kids’ skills quickly increased, they were able to pull off a few bullseyes in the few hours we were there. Yes, hours! The time flew by. Archery is a social sport when you have a lot of kids learning at once.

The beauty of it there was no fussing over equipment or instructors. It’s an individual sport as you test your own aim and ability to progress. The kids were inspired when they saw improvement within a few rounds of target archery practice.

The archery range uses compound bows. Instructors will show you the correct way to grasp the bow with your dominant hand. Whether you are a righty or a lefty, they will also find the right weight and fit.

Basically, line the bow up vertically with the strings so that it faces the ground at a 90-degree angle. A grip on the front of the bow helps to find a good fit for your fingers. With you non-dominant hand, grab the bow so it sits in the pocket between your thumb and palm. Rest your thumb on the back of the bow grip and let your index finger wrap around the front.

This is the hard part. Don’t grip the arrow too tightly. The thumb and index finger control most of the action. 

The Archery Center has a known-distance archery range. It is covered with clear firing points. During the warmer months you cn go in the evenings and practice your skills under night lights. The Archery Center has a 100-yard range with targets for different skill levels. Behind the line of the covered archery area, there is a shaded picnic area with tables, restrooms and a 3-D Walking Course. Bring the bikes, the dogs, oh, and the kids, for an afternoon of outdoor activity.

The Archery Center in Las Vegas is an ideal outdoor activity for kids.

There are many activities for kids to get outdoors in Las Vegas. From rock climbing to sailing, water skiing, mountain hiking and bike riding.

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