Advice for a Magical Life from ‘AGT’ star Seth Grabel

by Kimberley McGee
seth grabel magician
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Each week I talk to professionals to get an inside glimpse into what they do and ask them to offer advice to teens who may be considering a job in that field. For March Magic, I reached out to local pros Adam London, Mac King and Seth Grabel to share how they overcame obstacles and pursued their magic dreams. Check out past interviews with an actress and writerAV tech guruNEAT Services and a marketing director at the YMCA who have all shared advice for kids. I also spotlight teens each week who are entrepreneurs, leaders or influencers in their community.

After a thrilling ride on the hit show “America’s Got Talent,” Seth Grabel returned to his hometown wiser after realizing his dream of wowing audiences around the world. I talked to Grabel for March Magic on Vegas Kids Zone about how he started on his path to stardom and what continues to motivate him in his craft. The dedicated magician is offering a Zoom Magic Show to virtually boost your family’s online events or your business meetings.  Grabel has Las Vegas roots. He was discovered by Amazing Jonathan and has also appeared on local favorites Penn & Teller’s show “Fool Us.”


How did you get started?

I performed everywhere and anywhere! I performed at restaurants, grocery stores, on the street and everywhere that would watch my magic.

What inspires you?

People who do great things inspire me.  I love to watch other people who master a craft and really focus on something to perfect it.

magician seth grabel

What have you gained from your job?

I have traveled the world, met amazing people, tried the best food, been given celebrity status, been on TV, and been married to Tammy Grabel on the Grammys by Queen Latifa and Madonna.

What are the top 3 skills required to do what you do?

Practice, patience and determination!

Have you ever wondered how to make magic tricks? Seth and his friend Craig Baurley make special Custom magic tricks and then test them on random people and shares it on his blog! If you want have a trick you’d like to see, he’d love to hear from you!

What were the biggest hurdles? How did you overcome them?

I was very scared to talk to people at one point in my life. I was super shy!  I overcame this hurdle by just doing it! I forced myself to speak to random strangers about anything. Eventually, I became confident and can now strike up a conversation with anyone.

seth grabel onstage

What do you think is the most memorable moment of your career?

I loved being on America’s Got Talent it was such a rush to perform to such a huge TV audience.

What other leaders do you look up to? Why?

I look up to entrepreneurs who create differences and positively affect others such as Tesla. He has shaped history and made a huge difference in the world.  I hope to bring happiness, hope and inspiration to everyone I am around.

What advice can you give to someone who wants to enter your field?

Being an entertainer is difficult both on the body and mind. I would focus on baby steps. Create a solid 5-minute act and master it! Spend 10,000 plus hours mastering that piece and make it art.  When you’re satisfied and ready, show it to the world and learn how to promote yourself.  Learn the marketing and business side, because it’s called “Show Business.”

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What do you think is the most memorable moment in your career?

The most memorable moment in my career was when I just got off “America’s Got Talent” and had celebrity status. For a few years everyone recognized me and it was a thrill to get recognized from random fans.

What advice would you give teens who are considering a career in your field?

Think about the why. Why do you want to be an entertainer? Write that down on paper and always remember it. Sometimes your why changes and that’s ok! Life, goals and ideas change all the time.  Stay focused and disciplined to make yourself the best you can possibly be.

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