7 Must-Know Tips to Rent an RV

by Kimberley McGee
RV rental

Families are ditching flights and expensive hotels and returning to the road for an old-fashioned RV vacation. The past few months hanging at home under quarantine has created a boon for the RV biz. RV rentals have increased more than 600%, according to CNET.

We may be tired of being cooped up, but we’re still not into spending hours in close proximity to strangers packed into airplanes, trains, shuttles and lining up at hotel lobbies. It can be hard to nail down a good reservation at an affordable price. Booking a roomy rec vehicle through RVshare is an affordable alternative. From sizing up your needs to sussing out extra fees you may need or not see beforehand, take care before you take out an RV. Not sure what type of RV you need, worried about driving, insuring or caring for the RV? Check out how to “Rent an RV without Fear.”


Comparison Shopping is Key

It can be tempting to take the first RV that ticks off your wish list of vacation needs. However, RVshare recommends looking at a minimum of five RVs in your categories. This will also be helpful if your first choice falls through. RVs are getting snapped up quickly.

Sleep and Sleep Well

A family of four can fit in an RV built for that number, but you may want to look at the space. Are kids going to be huddled on the couch that needs to be folded up before you can get that cup of java and start the day? Consider how big the beds are, how many kids will fit in each bed and if the length is good for dear old dad not to have his feet sticking over the end.

Find Your Activity Match

Do you intend to cook quite a bit while traversing the country side? Do you plan to pick up local delicacies and need to store them for nibbling later? How many outdoor toys will you be bringing, or need to rent, to get the most out of your vacation? Taking bikes on the trip can extend the places you can go once you get there. RVshare has all models and types to choose from that can fit your lifestyle and vacation preferences. Take time to suss out what you need before perusing the pages of gleaming RVs.

Rent an RV tips

Good Generator = Good Time

Before driving off in the RV, make sure you know how to power up the vehicle. It’s a good idea to rent an RV that has a good generator. When the RV is not plugged into a source, it will run off of the batteries. So, while the kids are microwaving popcorn and checking out a movie while you drive down the road, the battery may be winding down. Know how to start the generator, what type of fuel it needs and where it is located on the RV. This is particularly important when boondocking. Yah, I had never heard of that, either. If you ride up on a park area that is full, you can pull over to the side of the road until space does become available. There are apps and sites, but Boondocking.org is a good place to start.

Gas Mileage

A common misstep is missing the gas mileage charge. Most RVshare owners offer incentives, such as first 100 miles free and .40 cents per mile after that. This can add up. Check with the owner, if it isn’t already listed, on how many miles per gallon for that particular RV. Gas mileage will depend on your speed, incline and terrain, so budget accordingly.

Pets and Policies

Not all RV owners are crazy about Fido or Fluffy tagging along. Check the pet policy for restrictions or extra deposits. However, even if the RV owner is a dog lover like yourself, the place or park you intend to travel to may not be. Many state and national parks have a strict policy on allowing pets on beaches, trails or hikes. (Mom tip – this is a great way to get out of having to do all those activities. Somebody has to stay behind with the furry friend and chill out at the RV. Alone. In the quiet. Just sayin’.)

Cancel with Care

Check the cancellation policy before booking. The refund policy is pretty good, with renters receiving a full refund if the owner cancels. The refund is granted if the renter cancels within 24 hours of booking or 7 days prior to the start of the reservation. According to the site, RV owners can select three different cancelation policies: Flexible, Standard and Strict. Make sure that the cancellation policy works for your situation before diving in and committing. This will save you and the RV owner from stress and loss of funds.


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