7 Day Sibling Challenge

by Kimberley McGee

A sibling challenge may be just the thing to set your at-home school and life in general back on an even keel.

The sibling relationship can sometimes be a little strained under the best of circumstances. Take away the time they used to get away from each other at school, and the pressure can build. The coronavirus citywide shutdown has added its share of stress to our kids as well. 

A sibling challenge gives kids the opportunity to consider being kinder, with rewards! You can offer points and make the sibling challenge a game of sorts with the winner receiving bragging rights or a token of some sort, such as choice of dessert or lunch. Or the sibling who has offered the most assistance, comfort and kindess to other family members can take their siblings out for a special treat of their choice at the end of the week. 

Here are some ideas to challenge and inspire your kids to be a little  kinder to each other every day.

  • Offer a genuine compliment. 
  • Don’t say anything dismissive or hurtful. If you do, offer a hug and a sincere apology. 
  • Read with your sibling.
  • Do a chore for your sibling. 
  • Avoid tattle telling. 
  • If a fight begins, be the first to stop it. 
  • Write 3 traits you like about your sibling. 
  • Share your toys.
  • Feed the family pets.
  • Water the houseplants.
  • Compliment your sibling’s choice of activity, clothing, coloring, smile or other personal trait.
  • Read a story to your sibling.
  • Let your sibling choose the movie or activity. 
  • Play a game together (no fighting). 
  • Forgive your sibling for small grievances.
  • Teach your sibling something new.
  • Make a snack for your sibling (and mom, too!).
  • Tell a joke to your sibling
  • Help your sibling with their school work.
  • Ask your sibling what is their favorite thing that happened that day.  

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