4 Tips to Easily Apply for Camperships

by Kimberley McGee
Save money on summer camp

The price of summer camp can be shocking. But there are ways to circumvent that price tag so kids can get the most out of their summer. Summer camp scholarships, or camperships, are a tuition grant to offset costs of camp.

Most local resident and day camps offer scholarships. There are a few tricks to ensuring your littles get a chance to dive deeper into their interests, cultivate friendships and explore STEAM activities in summer camp this year. Also look for online or virutal summer camp scholarships to apply to.

Not sure about sending kids off to summer camp this year? We have some tips on ensuring you and your child get the most out of their experience, that it is safe and info on refunds due to unexpected situations from the recent pandemic.

Below are tips that can help you grab those local, national and virtual campership opportunities.

First Priority is Your Child

Camp should be an enriching experience that engages your child. Before you invest time in research and fork over some hard-earned cash, take time to talk to your child and what their expectations are for summer camp.

My idea of summer camp is a week-long overnight, bonding with new friends, building campfires, the whole classic camp picture. That doesn’t work for us. My twins are polar opposites, but want to be together at this point. My daughter would love an overnight or two-day stay while her brother is more of a day camp kind of guy.

When to Start Applying

Get going! It’s never to early. Start the process as soon as possible. Camperships are limited and are often offered on a first-come, first-serve basis. Feel like you have a late start? Reach out to area summer camps you’ve researched and find out if they have any camperships available or other opportunities to reduce the cost of summer camp tuition. Be flexible. Once you get the scholarship, you may not get the exact dates or times you wanted.

Camperships Paperwork to Prepare

Most summer camp scholarships will require some form of financial info. This can be a pay stub, unemployment paperwork or tax return. Have your 1040 or 1099 from last year along with a utility bill or other proof of residence. Do your research and explore options.

Respond in Kind

Yeah! You got a response! Now don’t let that slide. The more responsive you are to the scholarship requests that camp staff make, the better your chances of securing the funds. Be flexible. Once you get the scholarship, you may not get the exact dates or times you wanted.

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