4 Reasons Why You’ll Love the YMCA

by Kimberley McGee
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We are a Y family. The YMCA family programs have been a big part of our kids’ growth and where we’ve met good friends, for them and us! We’ve found help there when the twins were tiny, took safety classes, swim lessons and even met Santa for the first time at one of their family events. The month of January is a great opportunity to join the YMCA with a $0 fee!

The YMCA of Southern Nevada is a gym, place to meet and make friends and community hub. The community-oriented environment brings families together. Parents and kids make connections in classes, special events and more. If you are new to the area, joining the YMCA can help you make friends and learn more about all there is to do in this sprawling valley.

Wide Range of Classes for All Ages

When it comes to YMCA family programs, fitness classes and sports, there’s much to choose from at each location. They offer everything from yoga, to spinning, bellydancing, karate, gymnastics, basketball, bodypump and pickleball. Each instructor is incredibly helpful and make sure that each and every person in the class is enjoying themselves, working out to their full potential and getting the most that they can from their time at the Y.

The opportunities range from infants to sassy seniors, like my mom! We got her to sign up recently and now that our littles are tweens they work out with her. They keep her entertained on the boring stationary bike and she surprises them with her weight lifting advancements each week.

Meet New Friends

The Y’s youth programs allow kids to explore their interests and hone their skills, and parents have made connections as kids paddle, bounce, dribble and dunk in a wide range of classes.

The YMCA’s friendly and community-oriented environment brings people together in many ways.

Child Care All Ways

The Y offers a broad depth of childcare services while you work out. But, don’t waste the opportunity to find classes your littles will love while you work out and get some much-needed me or parent time. They provide quality care for kids in a safe space that is filled with fun things to climb, do and create. The Y staff nurture kids’ development and build crucial foundational skills, build relationships, make friends and teach tools to build their self-reliance.

Life is incredibly busy for parents, which is why the YMCA provides a broad depth of child-care services. We provide quality care for children in a safe space helping them nurture their development and build crucial foundational skills. We help them learn how to communicate more effectively, build trusting relationships, and give them the tools they need to build their own self-reliance.

Opportunity to Get Involved in Your Community

As a non-profit organization, the YMCA holds family events such as parent’s night out, outdoor hiking, Y Family Time and drives. There are many ways that the YMCA gets kids and parents involved in their community. They help kids succeed academically with camps and classes, keep the environment clean with hikes and programs and make sure the rest of the community stays active and healthy.

As a member of the Y, you get the chance to get involved, get active, meet new friends, volunteer and do your part to make your community the best that it can be!

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